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Polestar to Diablo 3 PVP . An open discussion

Greetings all,

I would like to open a discussion about D3 PVP. I was just thinking about the possibilities that one could imagine with what all we have to work with. I can think of two trees of which we could all sit under and have fun with.

PVP and Hardcore PVP.

I could sit here and ramble. I might as well go and get my asbestos suit and tin foil hat...
Or I could reduce my five point plan to two points and then dodge like a ninja.

Game Mode A
Regular PVP + whatever blizzard has in mind.
Characters can wear their gear that they have collected.
Game Mode B
Hardcore pvp + whatever blizzard has in mind.
Clone a current character , no gear is transferred.

To not confuse anyone. When I say Hardcore PVP, I say it with something in mind like Unreal Tournament '99 IG CTF. That way, gear is taken out of the equation and skill will be the most deciding factor. Since paragon levels add only basic skill points and MF + GF. We could just leave those off of the cloned character. I think that the hardcore pvp league would be much more suitable for a fair and balanced playing ground that way. Especially for the first couple of weeks; when and IF>>> PVP is dropped for us.

I think that this is a good starting point. But I am only one among many of us that play this game. I feel like these two points are a good place to start for a couple of reasons.

Game Mode A:

This will let me see what my character can do with all this gear that I have either found on a dead demon or spent millions of gold ; (or even for some, real money..) on.

Game Mode B:

Some people don't have a lot of time to play to be honest. I have like 2400 elite kills on the guy that I have played since launch. But besides that point. Wouldn't it be cool to have a separate game mode where gear is not even part of the equation to the skill of the player manning or perhaps womanning (SIC ha!) their position!

I do realize that the character limit would really have to be raised for this... But, for the sake of 5 vs. 5 CTF IG in old UT '99. I think that it would be really cool.

What do you all think?
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