Diablo® III

If you had to pick one most hated affix

1. Reflect Damage
2. Knockback(Getting snared makes me want to alt+f4)
3. Waller
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Reflect Damage and or Mortar
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My hated is waller.
Sure, i also hate RD especially that in Inferno your LIFE REGEN, AND LIFE STEAL ARE NERFED TO SLIGHTLY BELOW USEFUL, but I would at least find some ways to go around it (run like hell and pick up health globes).
Waller is the worst for me not because it traps me (a good smoke screen or vault usually allows me to escape, though sometimes when going against blue elites, they'd wall me in such a way that i can't even move... /b/ch!). It's that they keep blocking my DH's shots!!!

Waller's sometime screw my wizbanger. I hate the waller/frozen guys that give 2 or 3 seconds to contemplate my demise. Sometimes I just have time to look at my wife and say' Giggety!' and then die.
I hate vortex so much because I depend on positioning to make my AT build work. Even the Teleport CD doesnt affect me because of illusionist. RD doesnt really hurt me until SB, then with my Hydra plus my Torrent it may cause a prob.
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Reflect damage on rare mobs. Not sure why but the damage reflected from the minions of rare mobs hurts me a lot, while hitting a rare pack leader or a champion (blue) pack doesn't hurt me at all, it only hinders my regen.
And no it's not because I'm getting hit by more people, I teleport punch 1 guy and take a chunk of hp out.
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Waller. Especially on 3 champion packs, when they each cast their own wall. Annoying no matter what class I play. Getting trapped in unable to move is no fun. I can deal with the rest but sometimes there's just nothing you can do about that. Hint - if you hate vortex, stay close to a wall. They won't pull you in all the way.
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I'd say my most hated would be molten for several reasons:

1. It stacks, if you're in a tight corridor you won't be standing in just one patch.
2. just about everything will either kite you into running into lava or just do that little stutter-step and now the laval is under you.
3. for some strange reason, you can be frozen on lava.
4. I don't know why but it seems to stack with every other floor denial ability, It's not just lava it's moldy lava.
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Frozen, I'm a barb and can usually stand others OK but throw in frozen.... I'm done haha
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Not really an affix but any elite that runs makes me want to punch a nun haha
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Reflect Damage, then waller.
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Waller, followed closely by arcane
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Vortex angers me more than any single affix in the game, even if its not the worst to deal with. Seriously, getting yanked over and over again whether its an inch away or across the screen is a serious pain in the !@#. add arcane and you have my number 1 death cause. lol
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reflect damage on my wiz. im sorry but nightmarish+ waller= rolling face against a wall is just too hilarious for me to hate it.
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vortex hands down lol. esp. when combined with plague / desecrator / molten / arcane wherein you get pulled RIGHT at the arcane pivot (and then get jailed lul)
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Often I quickly down a molten mob, and I guess the last one standing gets his own version of avenger and vortexes me into the ticking time bombs - that's GG right there.

But my most hated as a wizard would have to be fast.
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The best thing about that delay is fighting the A2 Keywarden with Bola. He has that missile dampening field, which is usually no big deal. And he's a dervish so he can deflect your projectiles back at you. Easy solution to this ability is usually to stop firing for a moment.

So you're fighting this Warden, fire off a few bolas, they're sitting slowly moving toward him in that missile dampening field...and he spins up. Those shots are already in the air, you can't take them back. Simply stopping your attacks as usual won't work, it's too late. And there are several of them there. Now you have 2+ Bolas on your face and a second or two to realize just how utterly screwed you are before taking their massive damage ;)

Yeah, funny though the deaths from that are, I don't fight him with Bola anymore. I seem to take less damage using other abilities.

can't you just hit smoke screen ?

Well, I wasn't using Smoke Screen that run. But yes, that absolutely would work. I hit Shadow Power/Gloom but I was already down a bit on health from his mortars and the heal from Shadow Power requires me to do damage to something. He had spun up, with the build I had at that time I didn't have anything that would ignore that spin. So without any way left to heal, I died when the bolas exploded ;) I laughed, though.

I admit I'm not the best DH in the world, I probably have a little more trouble with that particular Keywarden than I should. At that time I'd been running Keywardens a lot and was playing around with different builds to make things more interesting.
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Aura Enchanted

Especially when it's Conviction aura.
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Couldn't agree more with waller, traps you and blocks all range builds which is a pain for any character in general. Only thing that can pierce that retarded wall is if ppl use an Archon build for Wiz, otherwise you're deadlocked especially in narrow caves/alleys with other unforgiving affixes (arcane, mortar, molten, frozen).

Reflect damage is manageable but to stack it with horde + extra health is just evil. I seriously think demonic tremors/mallet lords are the worst of its kind. >.>
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11/02/2012 09:15 PMPosted by ArcticHaze
Reflect damage is manageable but to stack it with horde + extra health is just evil. I seriously think demonic tremors/mallet lords are the worst of its kind. >.>

Those act 2 serpents are the worse for me. Seeing as they disappear, they can't be hit and have their health brought down until they're right on top of you AND you can't leech life of them. By the time 3 or 4 are on top of you, it's difficult to live through 3-4 hits. You have to leech back to full health in very little time while vaulting away. Rough for me as a DH.
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As a monk, molten is my most hated affix. Arcane is a close 2nd.
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