Diablo® III

If you had to pick one most hated affix

I use wormhole; I don't give a damn about affixes.
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Disco inferno (aka 5-6 sentries in a small area)

and ofc

!@#$ my boots are on fire and so is my hair (Molten + Horde)
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I guess there's no one affix but combo of affixes... Fast on already fast melee monsters drives me up the wall... speaking of walls, Waller with desecrator/molten etc in places like Keep...

DH/WD here..

But what takes the cake is once when my party broke contact and decided to 'meet back together' with a total of 4 groups of elite/champs at the same time in vault of assassin... Waller/RD/molten/mortar/missile damp/frozen/vortex etc. You name it we probably had it... I dunno what was going on but, I know lots of expletives were exchanged but we managed to sit back and laugh once the battle was over.. that was one of the toughest (and most expensive, repair cost-wise) battles ever... Not fun :)
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Stupid elite, you're going to die anyway. Just turn that thing off and accept your fate. =P
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vortex im a DH and personally i dont want to be sucked into the group of elites i want to stand out there and fire away if i wanted to be up close and personal i would have chosen a barb/monk to play most the time

also its extremely annoying when its a horde and they all put up arcane orbs then suck you in. I seem to be one of the few DH's that does not use gloom instead i prefer smoke screen, if im i get vortex'ed i can simply smoke screen run back out.. also smoke screen helps with mortars instead of having to manually move i can just pop smoke screen and continue my onslaught.
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can't you just hit smoke screen ?

Well, I wasn't using Smoke Screen that run. But yes, that absolutely would work. I hit Shadow Power/Gloom but I was already down a bit on health from his mortars and the heal from Shadow Power requires me to do damage to something. He had spun up, with the build I had at that time I didn't have anything that would ignore that spin. So without any way left to heal, I died when the bolas exploded ;) I laughed, though.

I admit I'm not the best DH in the world, I probably have a little more trouble with that particular Keywarden than I should. At that time I'd been running Keywardens a lot and was playing around with different builds to make things more interesting.

if your running act 2 key warden as a dh take ball lightning elemental arrow.. the slow affect makes them hit constant damage on missile dampening (thats why i have it on my bar right now usually i have my boar there but i have been running act 2.. i hate act 2)
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horde+mortar as a ranged wiz.
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I actually dont mind walls. It keeps them in place for me to drop my beastly bombs in narrow corridors.

Vortex in my opinion of by far the worst. There is no preparation for it. You just go flying!
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I dislike Extra Health the most. Especially on runaway mobs.

However, the only thing that can ever kill me is arcane coupled with affixes like frozen/vortex/horde/molten
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Waller.... sometimes i literally get trapped between 3 walls and can't move and it is irritating. :( Its even worse when you get a mallet lord pack w/ waller. :s
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RD, which basically completely counteracts my lifesteal unless there's a bunch of trash nearby to siphon off of.

I still don't want it nerfed though.
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11/02/2012 09:53 PMPosted by FiSH
I seem to be one of the few DH's that does not use gloom instead i prefer smoke screen, if im i get vortex'ed i can simply smoke screen run back out..

I use Gloom, Smoke Screen AND Vault lol. Overkill maybe, but it's saved me many times :)
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On DH - Waller

On Barb - Waller / mobs that run around a lot
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For my barb, molten and reflects damage. Not complaining that Reflect Dmg does too much damage and needs a nerf, it definitely doesn't, just makes healing more difficult.
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Im a Whirlwind Barb, nothing really bugs me. At least not alone. Desecrator + Molten + Poison puddles + Fire chains does bug me as i have to actually move out XD. Waller in small rooms/corridors. Not a big deal.... just minor annoyances.
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its not the affix itself but the affix + mob combo

FAST Blood clan Occultists for teh win

Witch doctor here
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I will just leave this thread here.


In any case, I hate the fast affix as a DH. I cant run fast enough...
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I don't hate affixes, but I HATE the game designer who thought it was fun to make enemies run away from you (occultists).

That designer should be fired (srs)
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