Diablo® III

If you had to pick one most hated affix

Wallers, because its OP
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Missile Dampening

Demon Hunter
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Waller. My cluster arrow keeps hitting the walls instead of elites.
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Arcane enchanted. Monk

Worst when combined with frozen, waller, or jailer and horde.
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wiz: vortex
barb: frozen
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Molten. I'm a barb.
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I play a barb class now and the worst are jail and orb combo in a group of four elites.
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Fast especially hulking phasebeast its really annoying they can blink and get fast affix 100% death for me as a DH.
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11/02/2012 06:54 AMPosted by Mist3rHyde
Molten - I'm a Monk.

Also annoys my Barb immensely when on enemies that run away.
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I freaking hate walls.

Turns my WD into a sandwich...and then an arcane spawns bellow me...can't move...so i just die....
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oh yeah, in addition that wallers sandwich your chars, if you encounter an elite pack of 4 blues, they will sandwich you indefinitely. meaning you won't be able to even damage them! Even worse? Said elite has either plague, desecrate, arcane, mortar or a combo of them!
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as a monk, although I can avoid it by kiting, definitely frozen... (esp. when mixed with arcane and desecrater)
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!@#$% please.

Meet Desecrator, Molten, Plagued, Horde, Illusionist on MP10 and you will throw your PC out of the window.
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Arcane Enchantment!!! I loathe this affix!

Barb & my Monk too!
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Extra health....Because it makes all the other affixes on that mob suck longer then normal.
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Gosh that's a tough one, I would say I have a list, Arcane laser thingies, frozen, invulnerable minions, fast, mortar, probably more just can't think of them.
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Witch Doctor
Reflect Damage

Because nothing else gives me as hard of a time as this stupid and broken affix.
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Blue walls, they triangulate you all the time, its just lame
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Wouldn't most of these complaints be obsolete if NV stacks weren't removed when changing skills?

If I could back off and change skills to something more appropriate for a particular affix then none of these listed would be as annoying as they are.

Just a thought.
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