Diablo® III

If you had to pick one most hated affix

Molten for sure.

Barbarian mostly and trying to tank around a group of elites all laying down multiple molten trails is almost impossible.
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Any affix on a 4 champion packs become a bother.... They spam their powers so quick it's simply annoying... Waller being pretty up there.
Desecrator, plague are not a big deal really, but when it comes to frozen, arcane, waller, vortex you start seing red eventually xD (Yeah Jailer too but under wrath it doesn't affect me)
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Reflect damage wow you guys are noobs thats easy to avoid on Wd, Monk Barb especially. Even as my WIz it doesn't affect me it's gotta be desecrate or electrified.
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class(s): dh, wd, bb, and wz. Essentially, I don't play monks much.

Most hated was totally mortar, until I found out they were only targeting you if you were too far from the enemies. Made it much more managable.

Currently it's probably fast enemies. Now that i'm playing with monster power up a little, having a bit of personal space has become very important to my characters.

Coolest affix: probably arcane enchanted. cool concept that is totally manageable with a bit of attention.
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RD is easily the worst affix in the game. It requires way to much mitigation compared with other affixes.
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None of them bother me much except in higher MP levels but if I gotta pick one, as a CM wiz, I'd have to go with Arcane. On mp9-10 if I run into an arcane pack I'll usually skip them, depending on what other affixes they have, arcane+frozen+jailer+molten/vortex for instance and I just run away.
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any immobilizing/CC affix EG jailer, nightmarish, frozen, and knock back but not so much knockback seeing as it does not affect Barb WW it just slows instead of launching.

Edit: Jailer needs to be fixed.. im sorry but perma-jailed is just BS.... was running a buddy through NM and a group of skeletons archers with jailer had me stuck in place for 45 seconds... where are my diminishing returns or only allow it to be cast ever 20-30 seconds
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My Dh ~ probably vortex or fast (i dont do enough damage to really get the shaft from reflect)
My monk ~ molten causes the most problems.
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(As a Monk)

It's between Reflects Damage and Fire Chains.
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As a sort of mid range WD, I have to say fire chains. When you first approach them, they tend to move around my garg and zdogs and cut through them on the way to encircling me. Most others I tend to do okay with cause my pets tank.
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VORTEX, drives me fecking mad!
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Fast, because it's the most worthless skill the monsters can get. No challenge with that affix at all.
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Reflect, hands down.

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firechains hands down.

As a 2h barb if im takingdmg from firechains it flinches me so bad i cant even get an attack off.
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I'm a Barb
I ran into the most annoying champion pack ever! it was Waller Molten Vortex Arcane
I felt like that was just stupid!
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Reflect Damage, as it's the only affix that requires specific gear. I could have so much more DPS if this affix wasn't there.

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Reflect damage is nasty but manageable with my build due to my ability to blow dogs up to heal myself. Waller is just plain annoying in cramped areas, especially when you get pinched in between 4 arcane turrets, nevermind it c**k blocks alot of spells.
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Arcane Sentry or Desecration

I'm a Wiz.

lol you must be trolling.
how can a wizard (ranged class) have problems with those?
imo all affixes are casual, tho combined together can be deadly.

single affix ? maybe reflect damage if i pick mp8 (too much hp to ever mitigate that rd)

but as for other they are casual and just require you to not be lame

combined affixes?

vortex + frost definetlly a killer

if you don't hug a wall, you get pulled and chain frozen
if you hug a wall there is a high probability that you will be frozen

but its not impossible i never said so
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There are many I hate (especially in certain combos), but it seems like I get arcane enchanted on 3/4 of elites so I really hate that one... Molten is also a pain in the !@# because of elites having faster movement and often it's on monsters that also move a lot to begin with so they spread the damn fire everywhere...
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Takes the fun out of zombie bears as a WD
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