Diablo® III

If you had to pick one most hated affix


Takes the fun out of zombie bears as a WD

That really depends...if you work your positioning right you can catch things at really fun angles with the zombie bears ^^

My personal nightmare as a WD: Fast/molten/fire chains/shielding on burrowing leapers. Try avoiding the fire of doom when they insist on running in circles on your face at 90 miles per hour.
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I cant say any bother me too much save illusionist....

If they are illusions, why are they able to dmg you? why are they actually clones, able to attack, and dmg you...why do they have some form of health...shouldnt an illusion be just that, an illusion?

No, in this case the illusionist seems to have mastered the illusion so that the illusions actually become the real thing.
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Horde... WW Barb
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Nightmare... definetly nightmare.. :)
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Invulnerable min.... oh wait.... never mind.
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I am DH, but din't use smoke screen.

My playstyle need atk to get LoH, this affix make me few second cant move, sometime even freeze me for around 10s if horde + frozen. The descrator and arcane on my foot when i m freezing, this is very pain.
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barb; waller, arcane, molten, nightmarish
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Def Frozen, when they spam it and you get perma frozen till death. Just annoys the heck out of me
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Arcane. 99.99% of my deaths since release have been due to Arcane. I haven't actually died to a non-arcane affix elite in about 2 months.
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One is not a big deal. Arcane i guess.
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1 single one dose not bother me. combos like nightmare arcane or desecrator jail
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Wallers break the game.
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If I could see a log of my deaths, 90% would probably be from Arcane Sentry. :D
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I hate electrified more than RD seems to do more damage.

I have no trouble with either unless a friend uses slowtime and all those electric scribbles stack up and when it goes down boom instant death.

other than that the worst = fast firechain
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Got to be arcane sentry. But its a love hate, learning to dodge them made me a better player.

Oh and that big lag spike when you use some ones Banner to Tp in. Worst affix of all. Think its called... instant death
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no single one alone is a REAL problem..

if i had to pick something for the list tho..
it would be fast..

and only on those mobs that are already fast to start with...

fast demonic tremors are the one mobs left in the game i will actually think
about just running into a corner and goin around them still.
again....not so much JUST cuz its fast...but normaly cuz it come with reflect damage
or vortex, plauged...
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