Diablo® III

If you had to pick one most hated affix

I would have to say Fast is the one I hate the most.. As a kite wiz it makes it difficult sometimes in tight spaces.

Thank god for Diamond skin.
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not because it's hard.. it's just freaking annoying that it makes me run away...

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Poison seems to do most damage to me. Especially the trees
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As a wizzard, my worst affix is vortex, its IMO unfair, makes kitting/positioning much harder and can lead to quick deaths.

My wizzard's bane is an elite pack of Demonic Tremors on steroids: fast+horde+extra health+vortex. They are bulky, hit hard, can shield themselves, have innate knockback (they love to play boleyball using my wizz as the ball ~~), plus the elite version is already stupidly fast (are they bugged?), if you add those 4 affixes they are IMO way more harder than any end boss.
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Depends what I'm playing:
Wiz - Mortar
Monk - Molten

Anything - Reflect Damage
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Arcane Enchanted... Holy cra.
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For a ranged class, fast.

Nothing compares, because unlike other affixes, this one is completely dependent on what you're fighting. If it's on a naturally fast mob, you might as well just resign yourself to running back from a rez point, because there is no way for a normal ranged class to survive against a naturally fast melee mob with the Fast affix. You get beaten to a pulp and there's no way to kite, because the mobs move twice as fast as you do. They should restrict which mobs have the ability to receive the 'Fast' affix.
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Id have to say reflect damage on it's own it's not bad.
When combined with molten vortex and jailer is pretty impossible to take high MP elites without dying - esp if they are the ranged kind that run away.
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#1 by far : Vortex for the horrible design.
#2 : nightmarish for the horrible design too. However, it's way better than vortex and would be very easy to fix (like making monster who are going to fear you glow)
#3 : invulnerable minions, but only because the idea wasn't thought out well enough. It's a shame it was removed instead of tweaked.
#4 : molten, but only because of the über wacky/complex mechanics.
#5 : Reflect damage. I don't mind it personnaly, but I have to admit the design isn't good.

Everything else, and even some of my lists are fun and fair.

If I only had to choose one : Vortex. Without any doubt.
Unfair. Unfun. Unpredictable.
The absolute worse of all time.
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Reflect Damage aside I would have to say Arcane Sentry, when its combined with Minions and those minions have it too and you see about 8 lasers on the screen at one time.
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As a ww barb, maybe fast/extra health on one of those mobs that like to run away 24/7
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Vortex. You get sucked in, it means they get a free hit on you(but in many cases it's MANY free hits if the whole mob is there) AND you take any DOT damage like molten, plague, desecrator, etc. Load of bull!@#$, especially when the vortex can suck you in from a full screen away while the Monk's version even with the rune can't even do 3/4's the screen.

Although i have found ways to circumvent this, it's usually too late to deal with it because i don't have enough time to read all the affixes once i see an elite mob.

and.. of course there's reflect damage and certain combinations like Frozen, Jailer, Waller, and any DOT... a big statement saying "F U, you're dieing at least once!"
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I hate getting cornered and can't cause any damage.
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Either Molten or Arcane (Barb Here). Even worse if its both + Reflect Dmg... me gonna die a lot on that.
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They give damage?! Never noticed..

Anyway It's probably because the original 'mirror image' were able to give damage too.
Of course they scrapped it.
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arcane laser fest
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Vortex and it's not close.
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Depending on which hero I'm playing at the time, there are quite a number of affixes that can give me pause. Vortex and Molten are probably the top contenders.
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1) Health link (especially when combined with molten, electrified, Reflect Damage)
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11/05/2012 05:17 PMPosted by Kadderly
Vortex and it's not close.

agreed. i absolutely hate vortex.. when its combined with firechains its a complete joke. i honestly hate all the affixes that makes me lose control of my character like knockback/nightmarish but vortex by far is the most stupid and annoying,
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