Diablo® III

If you had to pick one most hated affix

I have to choose one so it would be Arcane (sentries). It's pwning me way to much recently LOL.

Combined with Molten and Vortex, it's really badass.
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Frozen definitely , forces me to use WOTB as a staple skill. -1 skill slot permanently.
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I'm surprised not everyone said reflect. For most DHs, all other affixes don't even matter. There are only two categories of affixes - with reflect and without reflect, I don't even notice the rest.
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As a barb I really hate fire
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Prolly fast molten with a fleeing mob. Please remove fleeing mobs from game, its just like reflect for barbs, I have to sometimes think while mutilating them.
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I am between Vortex and Reflect Damage. This is general across the board for my WD, Barb n Wiz.
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I used to HATE fast but it feels significantly nerfed.

Probably waller, jail, knockback then frozen. Anything that !@#$s with your ability to play your character. I like how the mobs are being given inherent resists to Crowd Control, when the AI literally can't give a %^-* but us humans get to just eat it.
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Monk. RD, Fast, Molten. Nuff said
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Vortex without a doubt due to how it interacts with other affixes and adds a "no skill" element, especially when combined with frozen that is unsynced forcing you in to a prema freeze situation. Hell I'd replace it with invulnerable minions any day of the week...

Regardless of class.
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a doc. frozen.

vortex+ descerator
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Jailer and vortex can go !@#$ themselves. Molten in a close third.
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I hate none of it,,because Im part of a generation ( young) of gamers,. who when asked to raise their level of game to meet a 'challenge' JUMPS higher than they are asked to, and says; HECK YA!

Ride em cowboy!

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11/05/2012 05:57 PMPosted by Vaeflare
Depending on which hero I'm playing at the time, there are quite a number of affixes that can give me pause. Vortex and Molten are probably the top contenders.

Vortex and Frozen for sure. Jailer and Waller are just annoying, they rarely kill me unless it's backed up by well placed arcane / desecrate.
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Horde / Arcane - I can take most everything else, but Horde / Arcane, regardless of what else it's paired with, seems to be fatal for me at the moment. Vortex / Knockback is frustrating (especially on opponents that have a natural knockback attack!), but doesn't usually kill me. Likewise, Horde / Nightmarish is frustrating as well.
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@Zalm They don't deal damage...

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@Phanatic: Incorrect, they do deal damage: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/game/guide/gameplay/world#normal-affixes

Illusionist: Illusionist monsters create duplicates of themselves; these duplicates can deal damage while obscuring your true target.
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What the hell blizzard elites are harder than Bosses? you guys need the concept of moving up the chain of command booses should be harder not the lower minions!!!!!!!!!!
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Fast + Horde = asfdkslfdana
Fast + Horde + Extra Health = DEAR GOD WHY
those affixes on burrowing leapers or the tiny spiders..... you get the idea.
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If you had to pick only ONE affix you hate the most, which is it?

Specify your class and affix and why.

For me, it's waller. I'm a DH and moving/vaulting around a lot is mandatory and obviously, the walls hinder that. In addition, I need to use my gloom sparingly. I try and use it when I have direct access to leech life with my arrows but then a wall comes up and I can't leech. Wasted another gloom and didn't get any health back.

Curious about other classes and affixes.

least favorite: RD is the only thing i really struggle with.

favorite: health link. ^_^
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