Diablo® III

If you had to pick one most hated affix

Reflect damage, because it forced me to get this 6% LS Skorn.
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If I had to pick just one? Probably Vortex. Is the only one I don't have SOME kind of answer for. Can't escape it, never ready for it. Kind of a bummer for ranged fighter.
Others are annoying. Not a big fan of Frozen, Waller, Jailer or Mortars. But at least I know they're coming and/or can get away from it somehow.
Mortar prolly second least favorite. VERY annoying.
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I hate nightmarish & vortex, losing control of my character is simply unnaceptable. Jailer is okay since it just stops me from moving.

All in all I dislike Crowd Control and would applaud it's removal entirely.

On a side note my Favorite affix is Health Link.

I play a Barb.
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waller combined with arcane sentry, and i still get stuck on jailer and desecrator, which, by the way, is ridiculous that an elite should ever have. Getting jailed on top of a desecrator thing is just instant death without using tele.

and of course reflect damage, far and away, reflect damage.
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encountered this Succubus elite pack with these affixes:

Horde + Nightmarish + Molten + electrified(?)

Don't remember if it was electrified or not, but the Horde + Nightmarish just literally made me run around the tower like an idiot, while the Succubus's reduce armor projectile + molten all over the floor kills me within seconds

If I ought to pick one affix, I guess it's Molten

But if I ought to pick a combination of affixes, then its the one I have mentioned above!

I was playing with my Monk
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On my mage it is Frozen.

On my monk it "was" frozen as well.

On my barb it is shielding.

On my DH it "was" reflect.
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Vortex, period.
No matter whether coupled with molten, frozen, arcane, or fire chain...you name it.
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I hate them all because they were designed to defeat bots not challenge humans. Their all cheap and a perfect example of lazy coding and lack of vision.
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Waller so far for my Barbarian.
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Waller. Such an unfair affix for ranged... I guess melee has to deal with those fast molten extra health blood clan occultist...
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I really hate phasebeasts with fire-chain/vortex....
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As a DH with good MS and plenty of disc + life steal on a manticore the only one I have ran into that really got me mad was Arcane-Waller-Vortex-Frozen. That was the most irritating pack I have ever ran into!

But yeah I would have to say overall the arcane makes things much more complicated and difficult. But if I wanted to just faceroll and speedrun everything I would drop the MP down and nothing would touch me. So I appreciate the challenge!
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As a Wiz, I would have to say the worst is knockback+mortar. They knock you back and your speed is slowed so much that you can't avoid the incoming bombs. Boom, 2 and I'm dead.

EDIT: also RD
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Of all time? Invulnerable minions on act 2 burrowing leapers. Stupidest thing ever. You would fight the mob and then the one you were supposed to kill would burrow and you would have no option but to stand there and wait for him to come back up.

Currently, I dont really mind any. If i had to pick it would be molten or waller when they cast it directly on you and you get stuck in the wall. It's pretty epic.

Least favorite combination? Easy, Molten Vortex Firechain (add anything else)
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As a Sharpshooter DH, I have to say that RD is quite le !@#$% to get around.... I can count how many times I've died from this affix. Running around aimlessly trying to wait till my health pot cooldown refills is a pain and I'm pretty sure the other people in my party get pretty pissed off at me circling around the mob.

It also seems that since they got rid of the Invulnerable Minions affix, 10000000x more mobs carry this affix.... Makes me cry a little.
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Vortex. No warning, no escape.
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DH: Vortex.

Few ways to avoid or manage it.
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11/02/2012 06:40 AMPosted by Thanos
If you had to pick only ONE affix you hate the most, which is it?

Reflect Damage.

I am a Wizard. I used to play Barb but I don't like to deal with RD regardless of what Class I am.
There's pretty much nothing else that I really hate, so Reflect Damage and Fast are the least two that I would like to deal with.
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Waller or RD, as a non-leaping barb.
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My main build is a Witch Doctor. The challenge all the affixes present is appreciated, including those that require more movement/repositioning (Waller, Mortar, Vortex, Desecrator, Teleporter), and those which require being selective when upgrading gear. Reflect damage, for example, is countered by life regeneration and health globe pick-up radius until a weapon with life steal can be obtained.

Even when combinations such as Jailer, Desecrator and Frozen happen with quick succession of any sequence, and all you can do is watch your character's health deplete while causing as much damage to opponents as possible before it is gone, such is not a significant issue. After all, the possibility of not dying uncontrollably every so often would become boring. Trying to evade it happening to greatest extent possible is the interesting part, you know ... like real life!

Though, if there were one affix I could change, it would be Arcane Sentry. To my mind, Diablo and laser beams just don't equate. It's not a complaint, just an observation. The mechanics of the affix add another appreciable challenge, appearance and concept are the issue. Alternatively, the affix could be renamed Arcane Void. The color could be changed to primarily black with sickly golden-yellow moving from the edge of the rotating pulsar to the center. The center could be considered a type of singularity, drawing energy/life from the mortal world into the hells.

Anyway, that's my half baked thought for the day!
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