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If you had to pick one most hated affix

It used to be RD, because I used Exploding Palm a lot. Shielding is probably the most annoying now, since it also stops LoH and Spirit generation.
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Hmm... Strangely enough, I probably hate Molten the most. It's the one that interferes with my ability to play how I want to play the most.

Not a fan of fire chains either.

This all applies to my Wiz. Monk's been sitting for a while, so I don't know.

Now if we're talking about painful affix COMBO's... well there's a few different ones. But a lot of people listed Vortex. Vortex doesn't suck. What you get vortexed on top of sucks. Getting vortexed by an extra health, jailer, fast, illusionist isn't a concern for me. Getting vortexed by a plagued, molten, frozen, whatever (inevitably just before the frozen goes off) mob... That's a threat.

And honestly, sometimes I get beat. Sometimes an elite utilizes their slightly OP affixes in a very effective manner and I'm just forced to say, "Touche... Well timed." Usually in conjunction with Vortex, Knockback, or Nightmarish.
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With my monk its either Molten, i have the shocking luck of it being on pretty much every ranged pack, doesnt help when i use echoing fury so im stuck chasing after them even more.

or Arcane enchanted because they are constantly being spawned where im standing, so if i dont start kiting a bit, ill get hit on 180 degrees of the rotation.

add in jailer or frozen to an arcane pack and im almost certainly dead if serenity is on cooldown
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11/02/2012 10:22 AMPosted by MonTerran
Though, if there were one affix I could change, it would be Arcane Sentry. To my mind, Diablo and laser beams just don't equate. It's not a complaint, just an observation. The mechanics of the affix add another appreciable challenge, appearance and concept are the issue. Alternatively, the affix could be renamed Arcane Void. The color could be changed to primarily black with sickly golden-yellow moving from the edge of the rotating pulsar to the center. The center could be considered a type of singularity, drawing energy/life from the mortal world into the hells.

The black with golden-yellow might be tough to see. The pinkish hue is much easier to spot. That said, I do see your point in terms of context. Seems sci-fi/futuristic for a game that's more fantasy themed.
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arcane sentry + vortex or waller is deadly
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As a Barbarian (not using Whirlwind build), it's a toss up between Molten and Fire Chains, some some mob types making one worse than the other.

For meele mobs, Fire Chains is worst.

For ranged mobs, Molten is worst.
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If I had to pick just one? Probably Vortex. Is the only one I don't have SOME kind of answer for. Can't escape it, never ready for it. Kind of a bummer for ranged fighter.

I'm seeing a lot of DH mentioning this which surprises me. I just vault right out of there. I think I even hit vault before I fully land so that it's perfectly timed. I rarely get caught by vortex. It's more of a nuisance for me than anything (kinda like "ok, you monsters pull me in, I vault right out again, was that really necessary? We're fighting here, not dancing"). Maybe all the DH that don't like vortex have chosen not to add vault as one of their skills?

Regarding vortex and nightmare though, on many occasions, they've actually saved me. For example, out of discipline, two arcane sentries about to converge on-top of me and boom, I get sucked out just in the nick of time by a vortex (or the opposite, get cleared out by nightmare just when a slew of mortars are about to land on me).
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I hate mortars the most. Yup, mortars - not RD.

RD is fine for me since I don't mind kiting, but Mortar makes kiting close to 70% of the entire encounter, especially if it's a horder/minions that seem to lob those fireballs at you in consecutive.
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For most mobs, RD just because it makes you have to fight like a wuss, not so much hard as it is annoying.
However, if it's on a mob like a succubus or occultist, molten takes the number one slot because even with sprint up they still manage to outrun you, leaving a lovely trail of firey death in their wake.
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Playing a meteor build and having to swap to a life steal wep, easily RD. A couple meteors on a pack before I realize what is happening and I'm dead.
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Ignores Durability Loss.

What a pointless affix for items, only useful in D2 on etheral items...

Oh wait... Monster Affixes?

Probably Reflect Damage since I'm a DH. Diablo 2 had Iron Maiden which annoyed melee players which was removed and now D3 has reflect damage which effects all players.
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I don't hate any affix. I hate elites that move.

After that, it's easily RD.
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Vortex tends to get me in a heap of trouble. -Barb

Also, how many people have fought Blazing Constructs that have Vortex, Desecrator, Plagued, and Arcane? *shudders*
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i don't like wallers very much. they stop my bear-stampede.

but there is also a affix i absolutely love because it is actually helping me: illusions.
the ilssusions are easy to kill and trigger my "on kill" skills. (grave injustice!)
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You know what I like? This thread!!!

not too much whining a nerf calls, just talking and solutions
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WW Barb...hate RUNNERS....walls suck too but my god just come over here and die you stupid running little jerks!!!
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Frozen, in certain situations it can be bad. Number 1 reason I keep wormhole teleport on my wiz.
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Fire chains. not because it is particularly damaging, but because it interrupts what im trying to do all the time.
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barb --> frozen
demon hunter --> frozen
before i sold my witch doctor --> frozen

god damn i hate it.
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