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If you had to pick one most hated affix

i don't have that much problems but what i find annoying to fight against are blood clan occultists that have extrahealth, reflect dmg, shielding, and waller...i hate when they buff each other up to increase their defense and run away like crazy ;(...other than that all other mobs i just sit there and spam bola shot/traps/gloom
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88 Human Warlock
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barb tank

id pick frozen because it not only prevents me from moving but it keeps me from healing and attacking
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As a DH, Waller, by far.

I thought that the purpose of this affix was to make kiting more difficult. So I expected that walls would be spawned BEHIND me. But they keep spamming walls in front of me, preventing me from hitting them...but also preventing them to hit me. I don't know if this behaviour is intended...but if it is, it's absolutely retarded.

RD + Health Link combination come as a close second.
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As a Barb I hate frozen orbs, just a pain unless wrath of the berserker is on and fear; it gets annoying when every 3 secs my barb is running away in the other direction and I have to go back and fight for 3 secs to do it all over again.
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WW Barb

My nadoes hit so fast that if there are multiple nadoes hitting one monster, and especially if multiple nadoes are each hitting multiple Electric monsters, I'm dead in seconds.

I used to keep my Schaefer's Hammer around just for those packs, until I was able to boost some of my stats a bit more to try and survive a little better.
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Together...I'd have to say, waller and molten....not even my Spirit Walk gets me outta dem walls! I mean...that must be some wall, stopping an apparition, what is it...salt? Lead? Darside of the Force sending my metachlorines outta whack?
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blood clan occultist
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Vortex. Responsible for a large % of my deaths (archon wiz). Frozen, Molten, Arcane are all made 10x more dangerous (by itself, Vortex isn't bad).
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Molten, I can deal with any affixes but molten. I'm a barb
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Vortex is extremely dangerous to my hardcore barbarian, followed closely by cold. Vortex + cold is likely going to be his death sentence if I ever encounter a pack where I can't take them out (or flee) during his WOTB (berserker) duration.

(What will actually kill him will be the desecrator or beams or whatever, but the problem is, any time I don't have 100% control of him in hardcore, his life is in jeopardy.)
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Golbin Firemages that constantly run away - Fire Chains

Anything champion pack that combines Horde and Arcane in a tight space

Wallers, in any small space.

Ran into a Champion pack the other day, Horde / Arcane / Waller / Molten, and they were standing on top of the Act 2 keywarden. Wasn't a fun fight.
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all on the same elite
vortex arcane freez jailer
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Arcane I play monk it's the only thing I can't tank. Desecration I can move, but if a sentry lands under me I'm toast. Packs were minions have it forget it 4 to 6 at a time I can't kite them all and serenity doesn't last long enough.

Been playing with dashing strike and it works well getting out of arcane's path as well as kulle's bubbles.

Ubers madga still gets me every time because she goes for the corners and drops 2 sentries before I know it I'm dead. Play with a good CM wiz he locked up sieg and kull as well as gohm and rak MP 7 cake walk with him in the game.
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Molten occultist/spearthrower/succubi/other annoying ranged fools.

<-- Barb
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fully agreed with OP, waller for me

often times the walls spawn directly inside my character, causing me to think i have an escape route when in fact i do not

waller causes more unnecessary deaths for me than all other affixes combined
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As a barb: frozen and vortex, arcane sentry and vortex. Reflect damage and plagued can also cause problems. Molten on a mage/ranged monster also sucks as they are constantly running away from you.

As a DH: fast
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Monster: Diablo 3 Player
Affix: Constant complaining.
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<--- on a monk, probably just reflect damage

<--- on a DH, everything with reflect damage on it

<----- on a barb, u mean there is affix on elites???

<--- on a WD, i dont know, my pets havent tell me yet

<---- on a wiz, wtf is inferno???
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Molten. barb.
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