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If you had to pick one most hated affix

11/02/2012 06:59 AMPosted by pixelrage
Molten - I'm a Monk.

^ Same for me..

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Waller too. I'm a Witch Doctor, and the walls block my Zombie Bears and trap me to get hit by some other affix
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I'd have to say shielding. As a barb, I rely on dealing damage to heal myself. While an enemy is shielded, my HP drains like crazy.
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A classic OP WW Barbarian here and I must say that no affixes bother me at all, but whenever a ranged elite pack gets illusionist one, now that can be annoying! Hunting them down one by one as they keep running away into every possible direction.. Often times I don't even bother, but move on to the next elite pack..
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Vortex paired with Fast or Jailer. My Barbarian is not as fleet of foot as I would like, and occassionally I need to run away to heal from some of the tougher packs. Those affixes are hard for my Barbarian (Currently grinding through Act III Inferno).
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A single affix...Waller.

A combo...Fast/Illusionist/Molten...they have no cap on run speed, why should we.
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It's really interesting to see each player's bane. I also like reading what some players have changed to their play style to mitigate them. And I like seeing I'm not the only one cringing when I see x affix (or combo of affixes).

Great posts!
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For my monk molten+illusionist gives me nightmare.. esp. with vortex or fast.

Single affix I'd probably have to say just molten.

EDIT: I feel like I should share the worst combo... molten/illusionist/vortex/shielding.

I get the chills just reading that.
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Vortex followed by nightmare. They are the 2 affixes I can't "outplay" as they aren't avoidable and reposition your character.

Monk btw
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Vortex awful calls me out of my buble of saftey on to a billion pools on each other.

After that not much. Walls dont kill me but very annoying.

Im a DH.
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Molten is hard with mobs that run away. You end up chasing them and dying in the fire.
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Wallers with any AoE attack. In open areas they are peice of cake but some where like Keeps where they can pinch wall you constantly, it becomes a nightmare.
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11/02/2012 06:45 AMPosted by Neo
Extra Health/Missile Dampening

Id say fast, being a dh there is no running from them, just gotta change tactics on fighting them still very doable without death.

I love missle dampening. Sounds wierd i know. But while those arrows move ever so slowly at boss, all of a sudden 30 arrows hit it at once, usally between 1-3 volleys and its dead cause it takes so much damage in those bursts
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Extra Health. BORRRRING
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Ice Poppers! - Sometimes they are hard to see and if I get caught I'm usually dead...lol. I'm a kiting wiz and I'm not weak by any means, but getting stuck like that really hinders me. Btw, I don't know the real name, but everyone surely knows what I mean...:)
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Every Class - Fast, with monsters that run from you, add fear to that and it's a joke.
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11/02/2012 06:54 AMPosted by Mist3rHyde
Molten - I'm a Monk.
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Waller >:C
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I think waller should be the most annoying for all my ranged classes.

Right now I just rolled a witch doctor... Saved up 100m, bought a bunch of gear and got up to 120k unbuffed DPS. First elite pack is waller, and I'm wondering why their health bars aren't dropping when I'm spamming Zombie Bears...

WTF!?!??! Blizz needs to change how the waller affix works, period. It should be a MOBILITY limiting affix... not an invulnerable fortress of doom for the enemy. Blocking our mobility is a challenge as-is in some circumstances, but taking away our ability to do any sort of damage whatsoever unless we are standing right next to the elite?

That needs to be changed.
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Im gunna have to say molten / any ranged elite in act 3, the affixes dont do anything compared to the damage those ranged units hit for.... MOLOKS ANYONE?!
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