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If you had to pick one most hated affix

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Wow no one is saying arcane but yet it kills everyone, same with desecration but that you can kite.

Frozen, Jailer,Molten, Arcane, Desecration.

Extra health is just boring takes 10 mins to kill on yellow.
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11/02/2012 02:39 PMPosted by DarkMatter
Molten - I'm a Monk.
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Walls with a WD are annoying, as most of our spells wont cast over them whereas if I am using my wizard I love the walls as I then have immunity to go Archon and blast em with no fear of getting hit.

Worst combo has to be Vortex with Arcane as it always seems to grab ritght after you used your defensive spell.

Stupidest combo is RD with Illusionist. Just what I needed, 8 more things to reflect my damage back and kill me. Crap I thought I killed them all but this last....oh crap 6 more reflecting my Zombie Bears back at me!!!
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Vortex + Molten for both my DH and Wiz...

On a side note, I LOVE molten + nightmarish, forces me to run away from the molten :-)
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Frozen or Fast
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Frozen is the biggest pain for my barb, thankfully it doesn't work when WoTB is up. Somehow I feel that me posting this will get that feature nerfed in the next patch...
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+health from globes/potions. I mean really, i--- Oh, THAT kind of affix.

They did a good job, I think, making pretty much every single champ/elite affix in this game annoying in its own right, and the whole stacking affixes deal per difficulty is without a doubt the SINGLE most overwhelming increase in challenge from one difficulty to the next. Even ones that don't seem too bad in the early-game like waller or nightmarish tends to become very, very annoying and/or deadly in later difficulties, and the ones that start out scary like plagued and molten just get that much scarier.

That all being said, FROZEN would have to get my vote, absolutely. The very first time I encountered a frozen mob and every time I've ever encountered one since, I still can't wrap my head around just HOW MANY ice bombs they make, how spread out they are, how big their radius is, and how often they make them. And then you face a set of 3-4 champs that all have Frozen as an affix, and usually in later difficulties will have other affixes that are EXTREMELY deadly when going along with it -- Waller/Nightmarish/Jailer/etc to ensure you are hit by the mass of icebombs, then something like Desecrator or Plagued to make those few seconds to being frozen especially terrifying. It's all a million times worse in hardcore, too -- even in Normal, Frozen can be a real scare sometimes.
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Extra health is just stupid and annoying in higher mps cause it makes stuff take forever to kill. The same applies to shielding and illusionist. Also wallers are SERIOUSLY annoying sometimes.
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Knockback or Teleport on any mob(I guess 99% of mobs) that spends most of its time running away like a coward instead of fighting. I'm a 2h barb.
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My Witch Doctor hates reflect damage.
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Molten...because it's too frickin' hot and as a Barbarian, I have to be on it, if I want to do any damage. Combine it with minions and yeah...not nice.
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As barb - Horde/Molten

DH - Fast (especially on things like soul rippers)
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vortex (or rubberbanding :P) with frozen/molten/arcane, seems to be quite deadly for all classes
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most hated... Arcane Sentry

please make arcane sentry not spawn within the character model. I've died so many Fing times because in the heat of battle, i stand still for 5seconds and an arcane sentry somehow sneaks behind my model and tears me in half.

I have to kite enough as it is. Don't make me kite more just because the enemy spells are too small to see before they are too lethal to escape.
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AE, Frozen, or molten...take your pick

Molten burns as I follow

When I have WOTB on cool down, and I get cornered thanks to mobs, Frozen stops me and I take ish tons of damage

AE just pisses me off cause of the stupid amounts of damage it deals when it hits you

Oh, and I'm a barb
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Eh, none of them bother me too too much but if I had to pick one I guess I'd go with frozen just because it forces me to move around a lot more than others.
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RD, but w/ enough loh/ls from alternative weapon, it's fine.
MOLTEN, group together w/ fast or on an occultist/ slasher

Vortex + Arcane on anything, specially horde.
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It's always been arcane for me as a barb - solo, no problem, but in pubs, people/melee like to group around the mobs and beams for some reason ;)
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