Diablo® III

Bored, What does everyone do for work?

Illustrator (freelancer) www.ikedaartwork.com
Manager of Operations

Video Camera Center - vcc113

Online Store..
Healthcare IT Consultant working in Egypt and UAE
employee at "walgreen medicare part B center" in ohio. I'm probably the person that calls your grandparents about their diabetes supplies... other than that, it's a cool office job. :/
Disabled. Stay at home house-husband.
Explosive Ordinance Disposal, USA
Harbinger of the Apocalypse.

In my spare time I'm a company Controller, Entertainment Industry, Hollywood, CA.
IT & Art Department Manager... I find out if we still have a job later today. Joys of failing companies :(

If you need a department of graphic designers or a new production system give me a yell ;)
I teach junior high history
electrical/software engineer...mostly computer vision/image recognition stuff

edit: just wanted to say, that if my junior high history teacher was a chick that played diablo, that would have been so awesome. That was prime d2 era. 5 sojs for an A.
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Clinical Psychologist

You work with the rage nerds, or what kind of people?

My main focus is primarily on SPMI adults and adolescents.

Edit: SPMI = Severe Persistent Mentally Ill (Schizophrenia, Bipolar, etc)
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District Manager working Canada coast to coast and NY, PA, VT, NH, ME and MA states.

I fly more than I work!
Paramedic - New York City
Derrickhand on a service Rig in Alberta (Double)
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Software architect... Communication engineering.
Electronics Engineer/ Operations Technician for Ripley Believe it or Not! South Carolina US

And no...I have never met Dean Kane lol.
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Crew leader for a nonprofit (sate/fed funded) Weatherization outfit that deals with low-income housing. WI, USA.
" We always have business."
correctional officer
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