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Bored, What does everyone do for work?

Independent Software Quality Assurance Associate for - BioWare Edmonton, Capcom Vancouver, Sony Entertainment Network, Electronic Arts Canada, Rockstar Vancouver/Toronto, Disney Online Studios Canada and Ubisoft Montreal.
illustrator, cartoonist, & sometimes gallery artist.
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Java Developer
Pesticide applicator and turf specialist XD
Studying in Game Programming, useb to be a cabinet maker.....
Unemployed and almost broke.
professional bass player...no really
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Project Mgr - Singapore

Definetly most boring job available for mankind, this guy must have no / low qualifications.LOL
EMT on an oilsands pipeline project.
Educational worker soon to become a teacher!
Charpenter in Quebec Canada
Dock worker for ABF
Unemployed architect for over a year. No social no insurance life's tough.
I run a small business. I systems administrate eight different businesses, I also take care of fifty some odd websites.
Property clerk at local water service.
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I "work" to better myself and the rest of humanity by seeking knowledge and experience.

This is a lot more "work" than most people could even imagine, and by far the road less traveled. It requires the questioning of social norms, thinking for yourself, and the use of critical thinking, which are things that most can not or will not do for various reasons.

The majority of people simply think money is everything, and the bulk of their effort in life is spent trying to obtain it. Work, buy, consume, die. As if there was nothing more to life than this.

If they only knew the truth, which is that money is little more than a system of control designed to turn the vast majority of people into the slaves of a relative few. It keeps people locked into the "rat race" of the system, and blind to their true potential that could be realized otherwise.

I do not feel the need to be labeled as my "work" and because of this I do not identify with it in that way.

Perhaps I didn't understand the question? No believe me I understood it all too well, I just don't buy into the idea that "you are your job"......
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