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100-150k DPS DW Monk discussion thread

i'm not sure whether i will get a witching hour belt or a bt belt. i need to replace my chest with a bt for ar.
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So it turns out, I managed to get a 12k dps boost from a 10m ammy I luckily grabbed. I thought I wouldn't be able to get Nat's two set for a while but I ended up getting a nice nat ring with 70 vit, 40 avg dmg, 120 dex for a 10mil snipe. Then I quickly sniped some nat boots and saved a few mil. Overall, about 20k dps boost this weekend for the price of 30m which is great imo. Paper dps is now 110k and with WKL, it's 136k. I'm looking to upgrade my unity ring but it seems that only another similarly stat unity ring with att speed or crit dmg can add significant amount of damage. Other rare rings won't cut it and I'd even lose dps if I tried to get one with att speed or crit.

I think I'm fine now in the dmg department for a while so time to save up for all res inna pants or vit inna pants. And then, go for Vile Wards. But that is all in the very distant future. Can anyone give me some thoughts? Everything on my profile is the same except for ring, ammy and boots.
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great thread! i am facing the same issues. getting LS weapons is at the top of my list, but its friggin expensive. im soaking up all the info in this thread
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I'm currently at 181k dps (roughly around the 500th highest dps monk worldwide), so according to the title i shouldn't be in this "club" :P.

But currently i am just trying to achieve one of the highest dps possible, and get a nice life steal weapon to counter my low defensive stats. I used to stack cc and cd, but after i sold my witching hour for 200m, i have replaced most of my most offensive gear to something with cc and ias. This include my 1st ring, bracers, and amulet. If anyone wants advice, i would suggest to get the highest possible crit damage on your weapons, and just leave the rest of the gears to ias and cc, with some cd added when needed. I thought cd was an important part for having a high dps, turns out it still is, but not as vital as i thought. You can still go ias without cd and still have a nice dps output. Also, remember dex, eventhough 100 dex doesn't seem like much dps to win or loss, it does add up. My amulets and first ring is swimming in dex, with ammy at 200+ and ring at over 150.
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Yeah a 1.1k Echo fury with LS and socket + wkl with ls and socket is what im aiming for. Just finished replacing all my gear with allres without sacrificing my dps, so now its purely focus on dps up
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I have just spent the last hour on the auction house comparing amulets in a DPS calculator, gave up and came to the monk forum looking for advise and I find this thread at the top... fate much ?

Anyway I'm not in the 100k+ club (sitting at 90k right now) but I have spent about 200m on my armor over the last 4 weeks trying to make each purchase worth it. I'm now left with my amulet and gloves to replace before moving onto the all important weapons (both the ones I'm using I have found).

So I ask you fellow monks what you suggest in the way of amulets for my current set up. I'm ok to drop the LOH as my weapon purchase will be LS.

Trifectas with 100 dex start at 100m and give me 10-15k dps increase
Some CC/CD with 100 dex and average damage of 40 and start at 30m and give me 15k dps

I can afford trifecta but the cost is huge with small paper dps increase - it it really worth it ?
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Pro tip - link the ammy (or any piece) you find in the AH in chat, go into a game and click it to auto compare dps, dont bother spending time on dps calulators

You're welcome :) lol
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Hi Azhrial,

Not too sure what kind of gloves you are looking for, but like the one I am using cost only 3M plus.. So 30m is a bit scary to me...

I even had a 180 dex 10 cc 23 cd dou or resist gloves that cost me 500k only.. Just want to point out that you don't need to spend 10M to raise that bit more dps

There are always ppl who put up items for cheap price these days...

Like a stone of Jordan I got: 25% vs elites, 12% FOT, 5% fire (ok this part abit fail), I only bought out one for 400k only... Lol, my spear only bought for 11M

Just want to remind you guys to search AH, filter properly b4 making a decision to spend that much of money, especially prices are dropping so fast these days
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Hi ppl! I am kinda lose with what should i upgrade for my eqs..

But i guess prolly i need to change my nat ring with CC?

Any suggestion for me? Pls!

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you can get an easy 4k by upgrading the gem on ur EF....
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Oh yeah!
Thxx for reminding
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I've been trying out different gear and checking out it's effects on my character and it's costing me lots of gold. I practically bought at least 7 shenlong pieces just to try them out and wasting a lot of gold to AH's tax. Then someone else says I shld switch to Echo fury and WKL. How that actually works out to improve my dps, I really don't know. I'm afraid to spend more gold trying out new gear. Also, because I was eager to try out, I mostly bought out the item instead of waiting until bid ends. So it's really cost me a lot. Fortunately I have been farming well and selling well to make up for it.

Are there any good websites that can help me do calculation if I input all my items' stats? AH sure doesn't let you compare items you wear.

My most immediate goal is to reach 150kdps unbuff. What's the best way I should do this for 100M?
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11/13/2012 02:33 AMPosted by Fayte
Pro tip - link the ammy (or any piece) you find in the AH in chat, go into a game and click it to auto compare dps, dont bother spending time on dps calulators

Oh... I didnt see this. Thank you :)
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We have very similar setups. The first thing that stands out is you need to up your cc by about 10 more. This should get you close to your target DPS goal.
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I gave up on trying to find cheapish upgrades at this point. I'll admit, I am a workaholic, yes, I use the RMAH. No, I don't care if you think its stupid. I work an hour overtime and get 75 bucks out of it. This is my hobby :)

With that settled, where can I improve the most on at this point? An OS + Socket EF is ideal, but I don't forsee those dropping in price anytime soon... Any other pointers perhaps?
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@ Arcto,

You have really nice gears and indeed requires more thought to find next upgrade. I'd recommend shoulder and belt upgrade.

A vile ward with (Dex+Vit) > 300 (with Lightning >40) is quite common in AH now at affordable price (30m ish at times).

Witching Hour upgrade might not be expensive upgrade as we thought given that you will be selling your current one. Look for 1 with >45% crit D. With your epic gears, 8% more CritD is a big boost to DPS.
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omega use www.d3rawr.com/d

my setup which i use for mp9/10 ubers http://www.d3rawr.com/d-hraZ0

my online profile is showing my mp0 farming setup.

Im around 139k dps (with 8% against demon bonus dmg, 8% against elites, 16% total bonus against demon elites), I need more armor tho, Im going to change up my vileward for one with higher dex numbers around the 250-270 mark and my iceclimbers to have plus armor and at least 240 dex before gem. This should bring me close to the 5k armor mark and net me another 3-4k dmg.

Once my armor is done, i'll work on my rings to pick up more dmg (probalby 3-5k more dmg) then finally my offhand. Its tough to find an affordable offhand with good dex,vit, ls, crit dmg, open slot. (I likely won't use a WKL, b/c all the ones that I want are well over 200m)

If you notice i have some wasted secondary res on my glove and amulet, thats b/c i found my amulet and i can't afford anything to replace it. The glove, was only 17m it was a steal for the stats it offered so I couldnt say no.

Items I found and am wearing - Amulet, Chest, Pants, both rings. (rings listed on d3rawr not online profile)
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@Supes: Fist of Az is actually very good, I got mine for 140, sexy stats.
I know I need to upgrade a whole bunch cus I pour all my gold into my weapon, I'm a bit confusing between blackthorne chest like what Supes1247 has or inna with dex/vit only?? can anyone give some opinion.

I'm currently happy with my rare ring, but the rest need a replacement

@Nameless: I don't think LDPS will be good

P/S: @ Supes1247: how much did you pay for your chest and your WKL??

I like the Blackthorne Chest (b/c it's cheaper and has more AR+Chosen Resist) but when I bought it over Inna's I had in mind that I wanted the Blackthorne Ammy for my set up as well...that made the decision to go for it worth it over Inna's in my mind.

My chest I got for a steal, unless you find someone to undervalue/price it won't find it for that price but I paid 21M for it. My WKL I got on the cheap side just when 1.05 was about to hit, I got it for 59M.
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I swear by my WKL. They are beasts to DPS. The paper doll DPS does no justice to what it does for your dual wield especially if your main weapon is pure damage based.
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would love to use one, i just don't touch the rmah except for sales.

unless i find some crazy lucky drop that sells for huge gold i can't afford a wkl that would actually help
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