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100-150k DPS DW Monk discussion thread

@ nWc

I don't know how MOnks survive with 3.5K AC, boggles the mind!

I thought ages ago that AC was a great mitigator for all types of damage, higher AC less desecration damage, less PHysical damage, less Melee Damage,

I'm at 6800 ish AC alone, always looked for higher Armor rolls with + Armor to every items I looked for,

MY AR is around 350'ish and I can stand in 1 desecration for the most part at mp10, but the 2nd and 3rd ones are a side step, reposition and re engage and i'm all good,


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my online profile is showing my mp0 farming setup thats why
my normal setup is the following with Sti, Resolve, Owe

Damage: 139671.86 (+16% against elite demons)
Effective Health: 600077
Life: 46495.8
Armor: 4623 (59.48%)
Strength: 195
Dexterity: 2508
Intelligence: 556
Vitality: 1014
Attacks per Second: 2.13 / 2.43
% Attack Speed Bonus: 35%
% Crit Chance: 45%
% Crit Damage: 420%
All Resistance: 607 (65.86%)
% Dodge Chance: 45.08%
% Life Bonus: 30%
Life on Hit: 258
Life Steal: 2.9%
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I can't figure out how people get over 200K. I know I can improve my gear in spots but I'm at 112K unbuffed and every upgrade I see is maybe 5K dps at the very most. Any suggestions?
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Crit hit damage is linear with crit% Boosting both will be a huge jump.
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Both your weapons upgrade in the range of 200m-1 billion with trifecta gloves and amulets would up your dps considerably. But its expensive as you go for higher dps without dropping vit and resist
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11/13/2012 11:31 AMPosted by Arcto
Crit hit damage is linear with crit% Boosting both will be a huge jump.

Your profile is a great example. You have 255 less Dex and 6% crit/72 crit damage more than me. While I would think you would be a little ahead of me on dps you are ahead by around 40K+. You do have a little more attack speed as well but it seems strange that swaping those number would be such a huge gain in dps.
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Was able to upgrade my Inna's chest to get more Vit, and dropped vit from my Ammy... netted out to about a 7k DPS boost and 2.5k HP boost :) Now the long grind to save for a CC Nat's Reflection...

Also, note to people over 150k DPS - not trying to exclude you per se, but my observation has been that around that point the concerns change again from 'how do I maximize my 10-50m purchases' to 'which 200m-1b end game gear should I save up for' so that's why I titled the thread the way I did. If you have any advice to give or feel that you still have some low hanging fruit, then by all means feel free to jump in.
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i agree with you sorak. i cant find a SUBSTANTIAL upgrade that would improve what i am already doing. i can pull the entire oasis on mp7-8 and kill it all without dying with only my mere 118k dps. im just going to hoard my gold til new and better things come out. 500 mil for a mempo, 120 mil for a new nats meh. not worth it to me.
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11/13/2012 10:38 AMPosted by nWc

tried this... quite good but i couldn't input min and max additional damage for my new dagger. this means my dps calculation from this site is screwed. it only shows about 100kdps.

I swear by my WKL. They are beasts to DPS. The paper doll DPS does no justice to what it does for your dual wield especially if your main weapon is pure damage based.

does the d3rawr site work for WKL calculations? i was thinking of switching to WKL but i dumped 130M on my dagger :P. if none of this works (after spending SO MUCH GOLD), i might switch back to better shenlongs.
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I ended up getting enough money for Vile Wards earlier than I thought so I'm kind of stuck. I know my gloves are really lacking so I'm thinking that's my next upgrade. I do want to keep the 80 vitality though and all res so I'm kind of stuck. I'm waiting patiently for when I can finally afford a LS EF which won't happen for like a month haha. So until then for more suvivabilty in higher MP's and against RD, I'm gonna be screenshotting sweeping wind a 2h with 5% LS.
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Currently sitting at 127k DPS unbuffed (This is with scoundrel btw).

I can get up to 145-150k dps, without any trifectas but then I would have to end up using inna's pants and probably drop a massive amount of HP or resist but I guess the hp could be made up for if i bought a 170vit+ chest innas.

Biggest dps upgrade for me would be crit/crit damage necklace with around ~100dex/35average damage/60%CD/7.5+CC

100% crit damage gems in weapons (up from 90% currently)

New IAS/CC rare ring (not looking to buy a CC nats ring cause that !@#$ is like 150m alone)

I'm not even sure how much i'm going to have to spend total just to hit 150k DW dps(because I could find some lucky deals)

But this is just my input on how i'm going to reach 150k since some of you seem to be having trouble, could just look at my profile and see what i'm currently using and then go from there?
Hopefully some of my stuff sells so that I may afford the items that I have mentioned above D:
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I would find a way to use Inna's pants, the movement speed bonus alone IMO is worth it. I can't stand doing less than 24% MS now.

Also just in response to your last comment... I don't think a whole lot of us are struggling in the domain of purely improving DPS. The challenge is improving without sacrificing mitigation or sustain. For example I know I could easily boost my DPS quite a bit, without paying all that much if, I dropped LS from one of my weapons and got something high DPS / high CD / socket, or a high DPS EF with socket. But dual LS weapons has worked really well for me so far, I don't feel like it's worth dropping it to gain DPS at this point.
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We have very similar setups. The first thing that stands out is you need to up your cc by about 10 more. This should get you close to your target DPS goal.

Similar yes but yours is so much more expensive than mine. I used to use the blackthorne's amulet too but switched because the one you're wearing is a lot more expensive!!! Your gear is a lot more expensive than mine. I've switched out of my shenlongs and trying LS weapons instead. Lol... 10 cc more? How much more will that cost? Definitely several hundred M exceeding 5 probably. Until I manage to sell off all my shenlongs then I probably can afford again. Just sold off my 170M shenlong relentless assault with socket for only 130M :(.... sad... sad.. sad...
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What are we discussing in here?
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How are you liking the LS so far? So you have 2.8LS and 1800LOH does it feel different from 2500LOH like your last build?

For good DPS bump look into 100+dex/vit/AR/5-6cc bracers. They will get you 6 crit higher an not cost you an arm and a leg. You can probably find one for 3-5M the cheaper route would be to get a strong arm bracers but not likely to see high dex/vit/ar roll and max out at 4.5cc but that would be around 1-2M.
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I'm at 181k with a WKL so I'm sure I'm in the 200k range unbuffed love monk best class :)

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i'm using dual shenglong.. is it absolute you must need life steal? :(
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Life steal is a nice alternative to LOH, once you do a certain amount of damage. It's quite useful since sweeping wind can give you health that way.

On a separate note, anyone have some quick little critiques of my current equips? I'm trying to find some better gloves, and maybe some better jewelery, MAAAYBE some better weapons (never have enough money), but after that I'm not sure where to go.
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So I just sniped a 1.1k dps EF for 10m(nvm, the deal was average...I'm still on the 1.0.4 mindset haha) and I lose about 2k dps if I switch out my mace but I gain more aps which means more sustainability. My big question is if I should drop my WKL and try to get a better dps mace/spear since the EF would bump its attack speed. I get 27k dps from WKL hidden lightning so I'm not sure how I'd be able to match that without spending hundreds of millions. Even, my rare mace would only give 25k dps increase and it doesn't even have LS. Any ideas guys or should I just stick with WKL?
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@Darcy - I'd probably stick with WKL. It's tough to match the hidden DPS of WKL and the more DPS you have, the more difficult it is to actually outperform the boost with sheet DPS.

I was curious if anyone had any suggestions for increasing DPS without losing any defense. At the moment the only idea I have is to save at least 100m for a crit chance Nat's...
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