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Rate the wizard above you! :)

rate me please~~
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@AndyJChu- Amazing build, don't know why zunimassa's is so popular now, but amazing build.
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Dj3: a good start.. I recently swapped back to cm/ww fromarchon because i sniped my wand for 10mill and my source for 400k to help my friend do mp7 ubers. Ill give u a 4/10. Get a good LS skorn if u wanna stay archon. Rate me!
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how's mine for a casual player?

slowly building up for Mp levels as i'm currently impoverish
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90 Tauren Shaman
Posts: 103
You are getting there but some of your gear is questionable lol. I understand being poor too though.
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What's your excuse for using flawless square gems in your gear? :)
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8/10 some good pieces there
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I say 3/10. You have the legendaries but they dont have teh sexy rolls.
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@ cptsquirts

8/10 - Great gear, but it looks like you're a recovering CM wiz running archon. If you're going to stick with it, look for a black 1h and trium. Also, get those amethysts swapped out for topazes in your chest. Armor also seems low, but good AR.
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Yea i do run CM mostly but I just went archon while farming cuz I get sick of spamming the buttons. Also ubers lvl 8 skele king hits like a truck so i need all the hp i can get >.<
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No cheap upgrades. Maybe improve gems or get a higher dps skorn.

I don't get why the guy after me skipped me and rated someone from page 1 of this thread. :(
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Looks like you're just starting to gear at 60. You've got some decent pieces, though I don't understand your build. :)

Be easy on me...I just started gearing. :)
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I was using blizzard/hydra, but just upgraded massively and was going to switch to Archon. I haven't updated any skills yet however.

I think your priority would be to increase AR. Right now, you have it only on 3 pieces. And your life is pretty low at 27K. Try to aim for 35-40K life and 500-600 AR.
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What about my AS? :P

Does AS even affect meteor, actually? I dont even know. haha
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@ Clelanian You are getting there Gear can be extremely expensive. your DPS isn't horrible I would say you are about 5/10 perhaps 6/10
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@HolezInYa Nice setup you are on the right path, but you could use items with more Crit hit / Damage and Attack Speed your DPS could be way higher with a better weapon and offhand or 2 hander. I would give you a 7/10 and the person you reviewed around a 4/10
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Rate me please :). No one did when i commented
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11/14/2012 03:30 PMPosted by StaticPanda
Rate me please :). No one did when i commented

You got some sick gear there and hard to suggest any improvements but I'd say a 9-9.5
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Some of your stuff is pretty good, but I would get more damage on the orb
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