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Rate the wizard above you! :)

5/10 get some attack speed on the glove
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@neobita can definitely get more vit for your marrow,(you can afford +58 gems after all)..

don't you have AR problems with these?
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rate plz got skipped
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7/10 nice dps but ur ablities as a cm is not as good as others cause of attackspeed.
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I'll go for 9/10 (nobody's perfect!!)...but frankly I'm not even remotely qualified to comment.

PS - my wizard (infact all my characters) are entirely self-found...no GAH or RMAH at all.
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I'm definitely not an expert, but I'd say start by getting some gears with crit. Start working to get better gears and you'll improve.
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There are quite a bit of improvement to be made. I do love your build, it's very rare to encounter something besides Archon or CM build variations, so good to meet a good ol' hydra/blizz build.
You should work on your crit chance and get a socketed weapon with an emerald in it, which would improve your damage.

(My armory: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Niko-2983/hero/1442336 )
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awesome items. but 7/10 since your build is boring and more common than the cold. No offense =)
Edited by Canuck#1875 on 11/15/2012 1:11 AM PST
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@ Canuck
Nice build. Like the crit dmg and the ty might. 7/10
Edited by Strawberry#1507 on 11/15/2012 2:10 AM PST
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Impressive items u got there. Very high dps and very high defence. 10/10
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Great items and dps! I like ur build as well. 9/10

How do u find the ice armor?
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Nice Crit Chance and All Resists....

I just am getting back into the game in the last couple of weeks, and as anyone can see, I need some help and guidance on build and gear.
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Get better shoes/ring/belt

Also look for crit chance

You might want to switch to Blood magic instead of force weapon since you don't have life steal
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@Almomiha Holy crap awesome Wiz you got there. :D

10/10. I hope to achieve such high dps one day.
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I think your weakest piece is your belt. It should be easy to get an upgrade there.
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worst i ever seen. all of you
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I find ice armour crystallisation more useful than force armour prismatic armor in key farmings, act 1 to 3 full runs. Plus it frees up 20ap and freezes melee attackers. I notice that I take much less damage with the ice armor (thanks to its 60% plus to armour and 13% reduce melee damage) than without it. Trust me, during normal runs it is very easy to stack up to 60% armour all the time. It makes tonnes of differences and greatly enhance my wizard's survivability.
The thing which I hate most about force armour is the 20ap cost, thus I prefer ice armour over force armour.

However I use force armor prismatic for uber boss runs as not all the bosses are melee attackers (For example, Zoltun, magda) and also the bosses use range attacks.
Edited by Dante#1981 on 11/16/2012 5:12 AM PST
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@ Dante

6/10 - Looks like a fun / quirky build. Not optimized though.
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what can i say sir, 8.5/10 uber equip =)

maybe u can improve with triflecta gloves, better lacuni(with int and more ias), triflecta rings

my profile is EU, http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Hisoka-2975/hero/101308
Edited by Hisoka#2975 on 11/16/2012 5:54 AM PST
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rate pls =p
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