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WW barb: Which weapon is best? and ..

I'm having a hard time finding out which weapons to buy in order to improve my dps and the damage of my tornados.

I found these 2 weapons on the AH:


as you can see.. Weapon 1 has 1149 dps and a base damage from: 720-1196 while weapon 2 has a slightly higher dps of 1167 but a lower base damage of 545-1076 and even more ias.

Which is better?? Is it ALWAYS the weapon with the highest dps or do you have to look at the BASE damage of the weapon??

Another example would be:
1500 dps weapon
500-1000 damage

600-1200 damage

and a last question.. How important is ias for ww spec? I found several items I would like but I cannot decide when it comes down to IAS vs. strength?

say.. 5-9% dps ias vs. 100 str etc?
Is there any priority when it comes down to these stats?

Thanks in advance :)
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I honestly just switched from ss to ww so I hope I can help a little.

Attack speed is king it seems for tornado ticks see this great post.

As far as those weapons (main hand)Im thinking the EF is better because the added .24 attacks will also apply to your oh. Weapon 1 is also a spear which is not recommended because of low AS which will hinder you tornado tick speed.

As far as i know nothing increases AS like the EF bonus .xx attacks as it effects both weapons.

That link also explains MH raw damage as it relates to tornadoes.
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Tornado tick using MH damage *60% and APS of OH.

Using EF on MH will apply the 0.2X IAS to OH.

WW barb need to read this

and this one is a nice online DPS calculator
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Use EF as an OH to avoid Fear proc on Sprint tornados.
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