Diablo® III

D3 needs new items or it will die

It's better to have the illusion of choice than no character individuality.
At least you get the years of replay value before optimal is discovered and shared.
We may as well put D2's system on D3's engine.

I agree

They should have named the game "Diablo: Clone Wars" *PvP coming soon
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The issue may be helped if they buffed some of the less used legendaries. There are a lot of cool legendaries but they are useless because it can't compare to the popular items that everybody wants.
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D3 needs pvp.. Just a simple duel option in public game will extend this game life..
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Right now I'm trying out Path of Exile. Their devs have eskewed gold and runes in favor of heavy use of socketed items that you can insert red, blue, or green gems. These gems grant special powers such as adding poison to a bow (green gem) or fire (red gem), etc. Over time these gems level up as you kill monsters so their damage goes up. Since POE allows you to remove the gem you are free to try any combination of gems that you have found. You can add a spell gem or other special gems to any armor to gain it's use (such as firing multiple arrows) so the combinations are huge. This is similar to D3s rune and passive skill combinations that allow for millions of combinations of character builds. The beauty of D3 is that almost every item you find has sockets with more valuable items having up to 6 so you can try out different builds to your hearts content. Play mechanics are different and take a bit getting used to and overall game quality doesn't come close to D3 (feels more like D2) but it's now and in open beta and it's free.
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Since the endgame is all and only about finding better gear of course only the best legendary or set items are of any value. The rest are all vendor trash just like most of the rare items. With so few high value items available they are the ones everyone is looking for and thus gear diversity is limited to the top tier of items.

My problem as a casual player is the reward for hours and hours and hours of farming runs on MP1 in Inferno Act III is tons of yellow trash, 1 legendary helm of medium value, and 2 legendary items that only a WD can use. The reward system in D3 has been and as far as I can see will always be broken in terms of hours spent versus rewards found. As long as the auction houses keep providing Blizzard with a good income there will be no incentive to make any significant loot drop changes.

The obvious answer that others give is just stop playing and I have quit. It's just frustrating as a once diehard D2 player that Blizzard should allow Activision to pressure the devs into producing a commodity item game with a Diablo poorly wrapped around it. I can easily understand why there was a falling out at Blizzard North with the top D2 devs leaving and forming Runic Games. We have ActiBlizzard to thank for TL and TL2 games with copious amounts of loot and no farming runs needed to find great set items. Hell, even the TL2 blacksmith will sell a set item from time to time. Thanks but no thanks for removing the fun and giving the Diablo franchise a black eye!
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11/12/2012 10:01 AMPosted by iwonsch
D2:LOD did not add in new gear with every patch, stop thinking about WoW.

actually D2 did add alot of items through patches even before runewords.

While that is true, but I know it did not add gear with every patch. The only game that has done that is WoW.
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d3 needs hot asian girls. lots and lots of hot asian girls playing.
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11/12/2012 02:17 PMPosted by Oana
D3 needs pvp.. Just a simple duel option in public game will extend this game life..

If I have to love PvP to play with others then forget it, I would stick to playing solo games period. I do not want PvP on someone else's terms. I want it on my terms, which means an arena for that is far better. It would kill off what is left of coop. GG Blizz kill coop just to make a few players happy.
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I dont think new items are really what it needs, a few bind on account charms would be cool like anni from d2. But every patch i loose alot of value on equips it would be nice if this stops at some point. I support runes and other ways of customizing current items, and a new way to craft, to change recipies to craft certain properties you want is good.
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so you want all these?

fix all current legendary magic properties and put a trademark affix on them to make them more

viable for a new build up.

revamp skills of classes that cannot par againts barbarian farming/survivability.

if monks have 30% damage reduction (w/c i dont feel ingame) add 15% dodge to range class.

add more content (probably in the near future patch)

is there something i miss? LoL
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d3 sucks !@#. its so boring and repetitive. there isnt any content, u cant even duel outside of town, wait who would want to duel in those tiny corridors anyways? fk this game, words of jay wilson
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The "quality" of the loot just seems bad because everyone is after the same stats.
This is because everyone has the same allocation of stats and skill options.
People aren't looking for different gear, they're looking for the same gear with higher stats.
Everything that didn't roll those stats can't be good

The content feels lacking because you can't redo the same content with a completely different character.This is because everyone has the same allocation of stats and skill options.

People want runes because linear gems are boring.
Gems are linear because everyone has the same stat allocation and skill options.

I was hoping in 4th post someone would say "it just needs more build diversity"
This is because when everyone has the same stat allocation and skill options they all go for the highest mathematical sum (optimal, Fotm).

The user Tradd explained this daisy chain in beta12.
In the post "dear,gaming community".

So much this.

Every class pretty much goes like this per level:
+3-4 main stat
+2-3 vit
+1-2 for the rest

Result being that at the end of the day all classes will be in similar places stat wise, and altering these in any way can only happen due to gear. Thus the only conclusion to be drawn here, is, that everyone will want the same items, rendering everything that doesn't provide a certain minimum of stat combinations utterly useless. 1 roll makes the difference between vendor trash and/or few hundred thousand gold and 100 million.

RNG is RNG and what not, but obviously that shouldn't be a base for any system in place in this world.

This is true, but I'd bet you all the gold I have that if we had skill trees and more "interesting" stats, people would still be after all the same things. There would be a best build for each class and that's what 99% of the community would use, which would then require the best gear for that build.

This is only natural; gamers will always strive for perfection and/or the best balance / optimal performance.

However, take rune words from D2 for instance. If you screwed up your mana pool in size, you could just socket some insane mana regen. Problem solved! More over, you just created a niché build allowing you to offset its short-comings and remaining competitive, if not even outperforming the 'standard build'.

Matter of fact is, that the current skill system does not allow such things. The current skill system at best allows you to compensate for lacking gear.
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11/12/2012 10:50 AMPosted by Stealthe
adding new items every patch is probably one of the biggest things killin this game...who wants all the gear they worked hard for to be worthless and have to regear every patch...

The only people I ever see suggesting this are the ones who don't have anything valuable. Makes me wonder, why would they want new powerful legendaries when they cant even afford the current ones? This OP gives the impression of a troll.
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