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Stop the beeping noise

I was looking around and it seems like im not the only one. And its not my motherboard. It's the game. Because while playing after killing some mobs I hear a beeping noise, but also a small white flash appears from my characters feet too, this only started happening recently as I finished Hell
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It's probably the sound the game makes when the cooldown for Overpower on your Barbarian is up.
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Oh now that would makes a lot of sense! Thank you so much :)
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Please remove this sound. It's very annoying and really makes no sense.
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If you'd like to make a game suggestion or request a feature/change, you'll want to post over in the General Discussion forum where it's much more likely to be seen by the developers.

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I have found what's causing this issue ( a high frequent beeping/ticking that occurs when you destroy a bunch of objects or kill a pack of monsters in one blow).

The sound file that plays when you get the interface pop-up for "massive blow" and "destruction" (both use the same sound), was messed up in the original recording on the developers PC ( my speculation)
I extracted said soundfile from Diablo III\Data\data\Base\SoundBank/UI/0079.fsb and viewed the audio track in Audacity

The upper one is the original , where i marked the beeps and the bottom one is the file where i fixed the beeps via notch filtering ( deleting certain frequencies)


I can't get the fixed file back in game sadly , so this needs to be taken care of by the Dev's and i seriously hope they read this post as it took me several hours to come up with this fix.

I have uploaded 2 soundfiles, the original and the fix:

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3amsx3fJXOvdEJwczJpcUQ2S3c ( original)
https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3amsx3fJXOvY2Ywc192bVZtbms ( fixed)

The problem with this sound is that some people don't even notice it ingame because they either can't hear those frequencies or simply aren't aware of it, but once you notice it's there you CONSTANTLY hear it

This is a youtube video where everyone should hear the sound:

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