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Witch Doc rate and upgrade

I generally have an idea how i want to build my WD, but was curious what the more knowledgeable WD's think. What piece(s) should i get next, AS or CD ?
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While I'm not the best witch doctor, it seems unless you spam primaries, you should go straight cc/cd with a bit ias here and there. I for one enjoy large crits, but spamming roll the bones firebomb quickly with ok crits is great if your attack speed is high, it's very fun :) I do however stick with bears for farming, so I'd go with crit :)
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I used to use Firebomb i liked it alot, but figured for ubers and higher mps longer fights id use a poison dmg soj for plague of toads .. so then i would spam it. Also ive noticed the ticks of my locust swarm proc alot more often with more attack speed, i may be just imagining things and expecting it to work like that or i may be right havent really looked around for that idea yet. Personally i dont like bears build and Acid Cloud is ok not the biggest fan.
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probably just your imagination. DoT tick at a constant rate.

With IAS, your paper dps increase, so Locust ticks harder... but should be at the same rate.
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That does make sense to me, but recently a skorn dropped for me with int and decent crit dmg no LS though. I tried a run with it and given it gave me like a good 20-30k dps increase but overall i felt slow with it, mechanically it seemed overall slow. Skorn at 1iAS and my wep at !.4
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