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Blackthorn's Jousting Mail

Hi all,

I picked up a nice Blackthorn's Jousting Mail set (pants) last night and I'm debating if they are good for my currently build. The trade off between offense versus defense is pretty close and I'm a little conflicted.

Overall, compared to my current pants, I lose:
100 Dex
110 Armor (60 armor on pants and 50 armor from loss of dex)
42 All Resist
1,100 DPS

Compared to my current pants, I gain:
156 Vit
x% Life (can't remember, it's between 6% - 10%)
18% MF
405 Life on Hit
7,000 Life

So, I'm going to give up some armor, some resist, some DPS, but gain 7,000 life (putting me almost at 50K) and bump my life on hit to 1,300.

I think it's way better when it comes to sustainability. But I'm having a VERY hard time upping my DPS. So to take a hit on DPS hurts, even though it stays above 30K.

Overall, I think the pants may be better, and I can simply omit VIT from another new piece in hopes of gaining back the DPS/Dex/Armor/AR that I have lost.


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Just replace it with your jousting mail if you only lose 1100 DPS.
Your survival chance will increase :)

And you are right saying about omiting vit in any other piece.

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156 VIT > 42 RES.

I'd use the jousting. best thing to do is try em both since you have it already
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Obviously I don't get on to reply here very much. The authenticator keeps me from logging on most days. But I took your advice and equipped the Blackthorn's and it's a good choice. I was able to reduce VIT on another piece and increase my overall DPS.

I also quickly found out that Set pieces are key to going uber! Time to farm for more Set pieces or more gold to buy Set pieces.

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Look into Blackthorn's chest, it can have REALLY beast dex/vit rolls along with 3 sockets, AR, and armor. the reduced damage from ranged and 100 extra vit set bonus is just icing on the cake.
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