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600m for upgrade need advice

2-3 weeks after 1.0.5 market price seem stable now.

I saved money for month wait to upgrade in this patch.I have 624m in pocket and looking for a huge upgrade which boost DPS but not drop EHP.

Current I like to spend 1-200m for big stat amulet. Which mean i have 3-400m left and in AH now it is a tiny money compare to to godly price they post.

I will appreciate to every suggestion. Thank you
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some good prices pox's on the market atm, you can use an upgrade there, can also get cc vision with that type of $$, and another 100 int out of your shoulders. I'd start w/that (after you do amulet)
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I would go for Echoing fury or Manajuma's c. knife with socket. I would suggest Blackthorne pant with sockets to compensate the vit loss when going for another amulet or exta int with topaz gems.
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Prices are still falling pretty rapidly. I spent 100m on Thursday of last week and regret it. By today I could have saved probably 50m.

With your budget, I'd:

-Get better lacuni's
-New weapon
-New ammy. I know you lose 100 vit from the set bonus but it's probably worth it.
-Drop the +armor on your helm and trade it out for 3.5+ crit, that'll be a nice dps increase.
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Zuni Vision with 6CC EHP dnt go down DPS boost alot


Add me if interested

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I would say manajuma's carving knife 950+ dps with socket and 75+% base crit. That should boost your dps substantially. Of course those weapons run for 200+ mil :\

Or replace your blackthorne's ammy with a better one (one with CC / CD). The ultimate end game would be tal rasha's ammy with 8+ cc but those will cost you probably the whole 600 m.
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depends on how much you are willing to change. there is a 250m 2 hand mace on ah now with 200% crit, open socket, 1500 loh, it is the highest dmg range weapon on the market with a total 300% crit and it has been for a while, i have not seen a weapon with higher dmg range with max crit dmg. the name is menacing something, it beats the best possible skorn in terms of dmg range, one downside is it lacks main stats.

with it, you can push ur dps to 200k range i believe. you will need to replace that ammy with tal rasha for the added dmg %.

there are 2 downsides though. 1st, you will be going to 2 hand instead of ur current setup and losing the pickup radius from ur mojo. you can still get 20 pickup from other sources, but adding pr to your current gear will cost a pretty penny. 2nd, you will be corned to use acid rain or rot for heals, since that weapon only has loh not ls.
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Upgrade ring/amulet/helm/weapon. Will be more than 600m, so pick it wisely.
- 300m+ for amulet
- 200m for ring
- save 200-300 for mainhand
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Get a tal rasha's allegiance with crit chance on it, you can look at mine if you want in my profile. It adds 39 000 damage to my sheet when unequipped/equipped. It will cost you, a lot. But it is worth it.
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Thank you all..

I bought Manujama for 330m 14k dps up 6k hp down
Amulet 40m 23k dps up 20k hp down
Offhand 50m 4k dps up 9k hp up
Glove 50m 1k dps down 6.5k hp up

totally around 500m 40k dps up smll HP lost but gain more resist from int and armor.

Still have many thing to improvement.. Zuni set with Cri chance still beyond my afford but aim for it in the future.

thank you again ^^
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Didn't read the other posts but the 2 highest dmg increases without messing with EHP will be your Zuni Helm and Ring, same stats + CC followed by a 1300+ Skorn with crit socket and 180+ crit dmg.

Whoops looks like you already made purchases oh well I'll post anyway
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next upgrage plan is

Zuni Chest with 200+vit and armor 400+m
Zuni Helm +Cri chance. 300+m
Zuni ring + Cri chance 300+m
Vile ward 280int + vit 200m+

hope the price will lower now 400m in pocket a long way to farm ><'
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Now I have another 500m to upgrade. any advice would be greatly appriciated.
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Crit rolls on your belt and zuni ring
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Where do you get your gold from!?
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Must be nice to be able to accumulate 500m gold in a week.
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I'd tried Cri Zuni ring but DPS didn't improved as the money spent.
I bought 5 Cri chane Pox for 175m but my DPS incresed only 1.1k from my poor non cri ring.
So I sold it and looking for high int cri and damage ring(but thier price are very expensive)

Money are from farming.In 1hour normally gold drop and item sell to vender are 500-600k (mp5).2-3 sellable rare which 400k or more in AH.And some good roll legendary which more than 10m depend on luck.

After last upgraded 2 week ago.I found IMK chest 130m Amulet high stst 80m and trifecta ring with 450 loh 70m.
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