Diablo® III

Molten is crazy.

Jesus christ, the whine is enormous.

I can understand the vitriol against RD but molten? Really? It is hard and annoying but it can be avoided with simple strategy.Not RD. Molten is balanced.
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I think what bothers me most about molten is it's complete lack of consistency. Sometimes it hits me for nothing, but then sometimes it almost one shots me.

I would prefer more consistency in it's damage.
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Fear on the EF keeps em moveing and helps against stacks of molten, but yes get in some stacked molten and it will zap you fast.

I steer with the fear, so I will not sear!
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The biggest problem I have with molten is monsters run up, surround me and the effect gets underneath me when I'm standing still. What the hell? Seems as if they run inside my hitbox.

Molten is tough on the standard monk build. Fists of Thunder blinks us into it and we don't have an escape skill. If it's ruining the game for you drop blinding flash for tempest rush.

That said the ground effects in this game are the only thing preventing total tank and spank, stand still, hold down left primary attack button.

I cuss em, I hate em, but ground effects are the only thing that keeps the challenge and my interest up.

side note - arcane beams seem to spawn under foot in mass again. I thought this was adjusted.
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Molten is probably the most likely thing to defeat my barb at this point in the higher monster power levels. Also, Jailer/arcane can be tough, and fire chains when I'm playing in a team game (because I can't get life on hit as the mobs are chasing teammates) is sometimes tough.
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I have over 130 fire resist on top of 550 AR, and I can basically ignore molten in MP10. I don't even bother trying to avoid A1 keywarden's molten, I just let him kite me like a boss.
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11/01/2012 06:30 PMPosted by Grimiku
Molten and Desecrator can be particularly deadly since they have a chance to both stack with themselves and with each other, and it can be easy to miss in the heat of battle. We’re comfortable with the way both affixes are currently working, though, since many gamers are well versed in "don't stand in the fire" scenarios. Just keep an eye out for those ground effects!

Bull!@#$. What about the case of vortex? Fire_chain and teleport?
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Molten does more damage than other elements, plus the fact it stacks. And there's one more thing most players neglect, and that is molten is always on. Other forms of elemental damage are cast periodically, but molten always trails the elite.

This results in a full screen of fire that is pretty much unavoidable if you have to engage the elite as a melee.

To summarise, molten:
1. Does the most damage
2. Stacks several times
3. Is always on
4. Rate of ticks affected by fast affix?

That makes it pretty overpowered, and the Devs are comfortable with it. I have to disagree with its balance. You can outgear almost everything, but molten will still nail you time and again. That is even if you run, and do not stand in fire...just brushing by it takes off a more than decent amount of life.

this is right molten do too much damage this is always on and ticks are insane please consider the other part of my post here too .
reduce molten base damage and make it raise with monster power like all damage raise with monsters power , also do the same for reflect damage and all 75 % of the things will be fine with the game but not all , look at the second part of my post .
hi , i want to say that monsters debuff , that reduce healing by 75 % is too overpowered too how can we do to not die ?
a lot of classes rely on life on hit and life steal or healing abilities to survive , but why 75 % debuff healing ???

this is too much at least reduce to 25 % this will be enough .

act 4 is without these monsters debuff a very hard act and please get rid of the - 50 % armor debuff from monsters this is insane !!! .

we do not need these debuffs , we can make that the game is very hard by making Monsters power so please let us heal themselves and playing like we want to play : with healing spells .

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Molten hits too hard. My advice, just keep RUNNNING and don't even give them the time of day! Molten hits harder than any other ground effect even harder than desecratror and plague. I can stand in plague and desecrator and fight in mp7 but molten NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!! RUN Forest, Run!!!!

Any other ideas!!!!! Also the fact than molten is usually equipped with fast moving porcupines or spiders they have a tendency to stack, stack, stack so fast and you take one step DEAD! Blizzard fix this!?!
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I don't mind molten so long as it's on big enemies that can't directly put it under you. The problem is when you get flying enemies or a bunch of little enemies that just surround you and place it RIGHT UNDER YOU even if you don't move into it.

When you get a horde of burrowing leapers all with molten and like 6 of em stack molten right under you it gets stupid.
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I would like to know if it's just me or does the molten affix do crazy damage?

I have a lot of armor and a lot of resist. I will set the game to monster power 5 and go to act 3 and stand in plagued desecrator all day. I can usually face tank hulking phasebeasts and 1 or 2 arcane beams is no problem.

But... molten just melts me and it seems to be half the time it's not so bad and the other half I see my life drop really fast.

Anyone else experience this? Working as intended?

Molten and Desecrator can be particularly deadly since they have a chance to both stack with themselves and with each other, and it can be easy to miss in the heat of battle. We’re comfortable with the way both affixes are currently working, though, since many gamers are well versed in "don't stand in the fire" scenarios. Just keep an eye out for those ground effects!

Wallers are the problem: They dont wall you off, they pin you in place like Jailer, which makes desecrator and what not worse. The wall placement algorithm really needs to be reworked.
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did they fix the bug where molten ignore resist and reduced by armor only?
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Overpower / crushing advance.
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11/01/2012 12:33 PMPosted by Spitwyld
It does do a lot of damage but considering you don't use Warcry or Superstition I'm not surprised you are feeling the effects more so than others.

the strange part about some affixes actually is that sometimes you dont even realize that they are there, and then ... it can happen that they completely destroy you.

I have the feeling that a few damage types in D3 are somewhat bugged. Usually, molten will do some damage, just like infected or descerator.

And then you have sometimes stiuations where there damage is much lower for some reason, same for Reflect Damage. Its like its not there!

And then you face another mob, and suddenly molten or RD take a way a large part of your health.

Pretty strange.
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