Diablo® III

equipped item lock system

The defenders are derps.. Imagine how slowly they farm....

Come on back blues, I would like to see another misguided attempt at explaining the problem away.

Maybe you will learn from this experience - the golden rule of customer support:

___ _______ __ _____ _____.

Once you have learned you will be able to amend your original statement to "We understand the frustration and we are looking into ways to address the issue - no eta".

Not so hard was it?
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Things like this can happen but you have to be a complete retard to try and blame someone else for it.
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11/06/2012 04:05 PMPosted by sigi
Things like this can happen but you have to be a complete retard to try and blame someone else for it.

I don't see anyone blaming Blizzard or asking for thier items back. They are simply trying to get Blizzard to prevent others from making the same mistake in the future.

And for the people defending a bad design choice because it has not affected you yet ... Just wait. A quick glance at this thread should show you how common it is. Do you really think all these people did it on purpose?

The true idiots in this thread are the ones who admonish the victims.
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11/06/2012 04:32 PMPosted by Gunny
TLDR.. Touch !@#$.. buy a replacement from the RMAH..

I'm not touching that.
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More horrible design ideas.

Ever notice how polished and fine tuned WOW is, and how much of a train wreck this game is., in every knook and cranny too. From item locks, to commas, to loosing NV stacks from disconects, to rubber banding, to horrible drops, to lag, to unreported loot nerfs, to pay pal problems with robotic CS form answers, to the game Dev swearing at someone, to Arnt your thankful your not paying monthly for this?
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haha you should leave it :P
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I didn't read all the pages but I really don't understand how this could have happened. Lol. Everyone knows there's a buyback tab right? How could you have sold something worth 500m without knowing? Do people just right click everything when they get to a vendor? If they do that, why even pick up rares? You get more gold just running around picking up gold with the huge amount of gold find everyone has now.
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11/06/2012 05:11 PMPosted by UroS
You have to try real hard to vendor an item worth 500m. Blame yourself for being an idiot.

not hard at all..... rather easy to be honnest simply right clicking on an item that you have equiped by mistake whne your trying to offload your inventory

they need to make a lock like they do when trying to list an item in the ah that is equiped, it comes up with a message '(item) is curently equiped, do you still wish to sell?'

something that is alreayd there for the ah, why cant it be added to the vendering?

Thanks for your feedback!

As Lylirra mentioned [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004693267#14"]here[/url], we're definitely aware of the frustration vendoring the wrong item can cause for players (I've done it, myself). We strongly urge players to use caution whenever selling items to a vendor, and to take advantage of the Buyback tab in instances where an oversight occurs, but beyond that, we have no immediate plans for an additional layer of protection.

for the blue post i have to be slightly anoyed at the statment 'no plans for an additional layer of protection'
you have it in the ah when trying to sell equiped items why not add the same thing for vendering?
Edited by Randy#1625 on 11/6/2012 6:08 PM PST
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Firstly, I'd like to see an item lock (or some other solution) added. I've sold items while doing the mass ID shuffle a couple times. Fortunately each time I realised and was able to buy them back. But that doesn't take away the worry that at some point I'll swap-sell-logout and not catch it.

I spent 20 years coding apps in my old job and one of the biggest design principles we followed was "wherever possible remove the possibility for the users to make mistakes". If there was something we could do the make sure users didn't accidentally delete or change a record then we did it. Even if it seemed "stupid" to the developers.

There needs to be a realization from some of the detractors that not everyone is perfect and taking plenty of time doing stuff like IDing and more importantly they're not all doing it the same way. Some people ID each item as it drops, some in bulk at the vendor, some do a few at a time in lulls between the action, some ID things that look "interesting" immediately and save others for later. The moral is "don't assume because you haven't made the mistake that no one else will".

As for fixes, I like the lock idea - a simple toggle button on the UI that you can turn on/off. I'd put it on the paperdoll rather than in the UI options screen so it's always rapidly available. Honestly this seems like a perfect solution for everyone, if you're "perfect" then you just leave it turned off and it never affects you, for everyone else you have that small layer of protection.

I'd rather not have to shift-click to switch gear, or drag and drop since those options are clumsier and slower. Maybe another option would be to allow users to bind their own gear swap in the keybindings? If they want shift-click they can have it, if they prefer they could use say the "G" key... although that would be much harder to program.

And finally, people shouldn't be denigrating the blue response in this thread. It's a good response even if you don't like it. It outlines that they're aware of the problem and it's been considered and that currently they have no plans for it. At least you know exactly where they stand. It also doesn't say that they definitely won't add the feature, just that they aren't planning it at the moment. I'd rather see a response like this than none at all.
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Blizzard are scum. They don't care one iota about the customers.
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