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equipped item lock system

Please implement an equipment lock blizzard - or a certain key combination to swap gear... it would help all of us! I almpst quit when I accidently vendored my top item and then left the game without knowing.
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Yeah, mistakes happen. I used to ignore these threads but then I accidentally sold my godly shield when 1.0.5 hit and farming rares was happening at a frantic pace. Just didn't pay attention when I right-clicked an already ID'ed 2-handed weapon. I saved my weapon but didn't notice that my shield had also gone back in my inventory.

I've since switched to a non-board build so no bigee but I wish I had that piece to sell on the AH.

That said, I'd love for Blizz to implement a lock system considering the frantic pace of the game.
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Seat belts and labels are for your own safety, which is a lot more important than a video game UI. Why compare them? Very moronic.

Again, comparing video games to cameras? There are a lot more aspects to consider with video game design, it's not supposed to be retard proof like most other products.

Apparently you do not like or can not understand analogies ... and you like calling people morons and idiots and retards. You are a true forum hero.

In case anyone was keeping score... whoopdedoo owns this thread.
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I cannot understand why anyone would not want this function? What is with the opposition? Personal responsibility? Are you kidding?

I chalk it up to fanboitis...

Anything in the real world implemented so as to be as unforgiving as this would find itself the subject of a lawsuit.

This is tantamount to gross negligent behavior on the part of blizzard that suggests intent to create a system where the error is encouraged for the sake of blizzards bottom line.
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I have no idea how Blizzard has "addressed the issue already", but I agree 100% that there is no reason not to add a lock button to the character screen to prevent accidental equipment changes and sells. It should be also obvious to most that there are several very bad GUI design flaws and bugs in this game, which should not be allowed in a product of this scale. Other similar flaws includes for example missing clear and save search -buttons from AH and a quick way of dropping crap from inventory, like ctrl+click or similar combination. The chat screen scroll is buggy and doesn't follow the industry standard of scroll wheel and several other problems.

They have been reported myriad of times and there is absolutely no reason for Blizzard not to fix them, because FIXING them would make the GUI more efficient, easy and enjoyable to use. At the same time, it would not affect the lives of people (I assume they're minority) who think there is absolutely no need for lock button or clear search button or similar VERY BASIC features that can be found from properly designed interfaces, be them freeware, 5$ shareware or 700$ Adobe product.
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