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equipped item lock system

Never happened to me, but I've always been afraid that it would because I can see it happening too easily. I try to be careful.
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Has happened to me as well, I would like to see this system in place.
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Mistakes happen for a reason. Plain and simple.

I don't know what to say... just, just you are hopeless...

I don't understand such people who defend current state...

Question becomes, "Which 'state' needs addressing and why? Would it be the overall carelessness of people? Or the device that people use and if used correctly works as intended?"

It is I who is left without words, good Sir.
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11/06/2012 01:57 PMPosted by whoopadeedoo
People who are in the "just be careful" camp don't seem to comprehend that one simple key bind patch would fix this problem so you don't have to be careful about something that no one wants to be careful about.

I tend to be very OCD about things I genuinely care about. This game is no exception.

How many times have I salvaged items?
How many times have I sold to NCP merchant?

Lots! Too many times to count.

Not once have I "accidentally" (i.e. carelessly) destroyed or sold an item intended for my Nephilim. Not once.

In fact, I would very much appreciate an in-game achievement award for being obsessively diligent during my questing in Diablo's world.
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They leave it the way it is so people have to got to the rmah more and replace all the screwups.

Same reason they do not have a dps calculator in the AH , so people make mistakes , and then have to rectify those by buying more gear.

Not to hard to understand why they do not add these things.

Because BLizz doesnt care about the end user, they just care about the $ coming in .
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Happened to me as well. This should have higher priority. Still not fixed. I consider this as a bug.
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Ahh come on, lock your equips? What about checking before selling? Iam usually not a blizz defender, but for comments like that i have to, this is just rediculous, you screw up... iam sorry i'll say that, but... blizz fault because they didnt code something useless for smart players.
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With my equipped items currently being very good, and not finding upgrades for the majority of my play time, I would use such a system to lock my items so I could not equip others, especially since we have the paragon leveling system in place.

When I do find or purchase an upgrade, I would be willing to tack on a few seconds to check and uncheck the options box.
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11/05/2012 03:24 PMPosted by PR4Y
NOT having the option is just stupid. You guys amaze me.

Vendoring your gear is stupid. Blizzard can't protect people from their own stupidity no matter how hard they try.
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What has annoyed the hell out of me multiple times....

Ill be playing coop and trying to sell an inventory full of crap, and someone else completes a quest, which levels me up, which kicks me off the vendor, which means all my mouse clicks are now swapping equipped gear for inventory gear instead of selling it. Now i have a half a dozen items mixed into 30 crap items, and have to sowrd through them all to figure out which swapped with what.

Annoying as hell when it happens.
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Thanks for your feedback!
As Lylirra mentioned [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004693267#14"]here[/url], we're definitely aware of the frustration vendoring the wrong item can cause for players (I've done it, myself). We strongly urge players to use caution whenever selling items to a vendor, and to take advantage of the Buyback tab in instances where an oversight occurs, but beyond that, we have no immediate plans for an additional layer of protection.

Just another "please give the monies and shut up".
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