Diablo® III

If you could choose 1 perma-SHRINE buff ...


11/06/2012 11:19 PMPosted by happynikon

11/06/2012 11:25 PMPosted by Taxian
Fleeting, hands down.

11/06/2012 10:52 PMPosted by Anthian

11/06/2012 10:38 PMPosted by Drewbotski
FLEETING wins by a mile on this question

11/06/2012 10:29 PMPosted by Mugel
Fleeting hell yeah
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Fleeting. This one wins the rest by a huge margin.
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Fleeting shrine, speeed!
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Fleeeeeeeeeeee thing! How is this even up for debate ?
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It's sad how much more excited I get each time I see a Fleeting shrine than any other. It used to be that way for me for the magic find shrine but with Paragon levels and Monster Power levels that shrine has lost some shine.
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Dear Santa,

All I want this year for Christmas is FFLLEEEETTIINNGG shrine permanently in-game.

Oh, and a puppy!

Oh, and a red wagon!

On second thought, keep the puppy and the wagon ><
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If only there's a shrine which make all your skills with 0 cooldown. CHAOS!!!!
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Funny how I thought of making the exact same thread yesterday haha

My choice would be fleeting without a doubt, the game is SO MUCH MORE FUN when faster paced !!
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11/06/2012 10:06 AMPosted by Vaeflare
If I could choose one Shrine buff to have permanantly, it would be Fleeting. Zoom zoom!

Truth! :)
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It seems everyone likes movement speed a little bit too much and it is overused and overpowered, so beware of the nerfbat for 1.0.6.

I think they will probably lower the movement speed cap to 20% and max one movement speed item to be active. This means no one will be able to go over this 20% cap, even through skills (bye bye OP barbs ! HAHA).
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Frenzy, im constantly using sprint anyways, so no real need for fleeting.
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Fleeting rock!!
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I'm a DH, and could do with some more MS :)

Fleeting it is!
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Resource regeneration
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Fleeting, other all suck except frenzied. But fleeting is much much better.
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Fleeting for everything without a doubt. I hate having to run around to pick up gold. The exp shrine would be no good at paralevel 100. Fortune would also be useless at paralevel 100. The WitchDoc skill that has the chance to spawn a fetish on kill. That range would also increase with fleeting. But empowered would be fun for certain things. But all and all in the end i wanna go go go speed racer.
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Would depend on how i was playing my wd that day if i was going for dps i would choose frenzied or fleeting for the pick up range and empowered if i was going for sustainability of bears or well of souls
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I have massive run/walk and pickup radius most of the time so... I still pick fleeting.

Let's face it, all the other shrines pale in comparison.
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Fleeting, agreed movement speed cap is stupid slow, at least make it 40%. For barbs leave same.
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