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Hi guys,

After getting exceedingly bored in SC, I decided to try and reinvigorate my Diablo 3 experience by rolling HC. I've proved Blizzard's statistic that 60% of players die in Act 1 Normal, as I've lost two Barbs already.

The excitement is back. Hardcore is awesome.

My question is, what are some solid, concrete benchmarks other players have had success with? Does any of this account for MP? I'd like to play at 10 for awhile to level faster. I almost always play solo, because I only have one buddy who's still playing and hardcore still scares him.

Specifically, I want to know what EHP and DPS I should target for each successive boss, from the Skeleton King on Normal all the way through Diablo on Inferno, in order to be as safe as possible.

Thanks in advance!
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I've lost 3 DHs, a WD and a Monk in the last two days to Act 1 Normal MP10, and then MP5. I'm just not cut out for that stuff hehe. I've now got a new Monk up to level 15 on MP2, which seems to be a nice compromise between levelling and challenge.

Prior to 1.05 I was pretty much exclusively playing my Barb with a friend who played a Wiz and then a WD. Basically we raced through normal without too much difficulty, then slowed down in NM onwards and wouldn't proceed until we could comfortably clear anything that came at us (comfortably meaning never dropping between half HP). This worked well until Act II Hell, where we just didn't have the DPS/HP (to around 10k/40k respectively) and he lost his Wiz. After rerolling a WD and catching up to my Barb, we continued on after significantly increasing our DPS/HP and res.

I'm sorry I don't have any solid 'benchmarks' for you, but as long as you can kill elites without losing a lot of health, the bosses are a piece of cake. I've only lost one char to a boss, and that was Belial several months ago when I was an idiot and stood in his poison puddles for too long. All of my other losses have been to elite mobs.
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I used this chart around release. Not sure how relevant it is today.

If I were you I would stay at MP0. Losing you hero every time you hit level 20 is not quick leveling. Go slow and get to 60 safely.
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MP10 is easy...i soloed act1-2 so far with my monk.
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Maybe I'm just being dense, but what does that chart represent? Is that XP gain by CLvl?

EDIT: To thank you all for your responses! I have no idea what a decent progression rate is because I got through SC by zerging.
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10/25/2012 06:44 PMPosted by Travis
Maybe I'm just being dense, but what does that chart represent? Is that XP gain by CLvl?

Experience gained from killing a monster. For example, this chart says you could farm act 1 normal until like 24 or so, if you want to take it reallllly slow. But any farther than that, you won't be receive much experience per kill and probably should to move on. Again, I used this chart back in May, so it's outdated. All I am saying, if your goal is to survive go painfully slow. If you want to constantly get your heart pounding, then ya - go to MP10 and take chances.
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Believe me, I know I'm doing something wrong, and I'm learning to be careful. My problem is, so far, I'm happily roflstomping until suddenly I'm in a fight I lose. That's why I'm looking for hard benchmarks. Is it everyone's consensus that such benchmarks don't really exist?
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HC is fun, only had one 60 once... he died shortly after getting 60 lol
I do both SC and HC, but HC adds something special...
feels more gritty... makes you pay attention more...
all your characters are dead already... just a matter of when...

enjoy it, I do!
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The key is to buy items on AH every few levels

you can faceroll through normal MP10 if you just spend like 150k in the process
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There are lots of old threads with people giving their stats for various boss fights on the way up, I think.

I think in general if you keep yourself decently geared within ten levels (with the possible exception of jewelry, sometimes you can find like a level 23 ring or somethng that's hard to find a replacement for if it rolled well) you should be fine. I basically did that, and then I would regear for the best gear I could lay my hands on when I was about to fight ZK & belial. Then I'd switch back to the 'in 10 levels' rule until I got to Diablo, and see what I could lay my hands on right before fighting him.

I don't know how thin/thick the AH is at lower levels at the moment, but if you do that, and make sure you have enough mainstat/vit, (try to keep them fairly close, but don't go with less to have them fairly close, just look to get them both more) you should probably be fine. once you hit hell you will probably have a tendency to *not* want to buy gear because you're going to hit 60 soon - I think in hell in the 50's it is more important to gear up a couple of times than in any lower bit. My wiz had basically two spots I regeared her for there - 54, 57, and a couple of good pieces at 59 (a wand, boots). It's worth spending the gold to make it to 60, imho, because once you crack 60 gear is cheap enough to get you to inferno, and once you're in inferno you'll be making gold at a rate that makes the rest of the game pale in comparison.

Definitely give yourself time to pick up survival experience before rolling at MP10.
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A big part of my question is what qualifies as "decently geared" in terms of EHP and DPS (and I understand that the former is waaaaaaaay more important). I also know that elites are more dangerous than bosses, so the question really applies to elites in the section/act preceding each boss as well. Other than that, thanks to everyone for the advice so far.
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Travis, Dont worry about DPS and HP so much in the early stages. I would suggest if you
want to level fast dont bother with MP10. Start out with MP5. You should be able to face roll
through normal mode and end up and level 33 and the end of normal. Also, bring two up at the
same time because you already have the gear. I got 3 Barbs in 2 days to level 44,46 & 39. If you dont take too long I have all the gear I used, u can have it if you want, just look me up.
BattleBra#1455. However, you will need: 3 of the biggest red gems you can afford and one blue one at level 15. You should be at the spider queen then. Let me know, Im running out of space in my stash and im going to have to get rid of the suff.
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BattleBra, I'd love to take that gear off your hands. I'm still interested in concrete benchmarks, if only because I think I may be overcorrecting-I'm currently level 8 and only in the Weeping Hollow. On the other hand, if that sounds right to you guys...
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I think leveling at mp 0 is fast enough if you dont repeat any quest and just go straight through to objectives skipping all the side caves and sections. Just put on any + exp gear you pick up from your kills and buy a helm and weapon with sockets at lvl 15. When you see things aren't dying fast enough or starting to hit to hard regear on the AH. Between acts or before bosses you can just upgrade a few pieces of gear on the AH. Usually you can find good pieces for your level between 1k- 10k. Except for helms and weapons might be more expensive with the sockets in them. Keep your old gear in storage for when you have to relevel your next char.

Usually I am done with normal by level 30-33 after only about 6 or 7 hours of solo play and not doing any quest twice. Usually done with nightmare by level 50 or 51 and about 10 - 12 hours of playtime. Then I usually take it slow in hell. Might do Act 1 till about 54 or 55 depending on how I feel with the char I am playing with and usually try and get 60 before belial unless I feel my character is up for the challenge before that.
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Thanks for the tips. Sounds like everyone's pretty unanimous regarding MP being unnecessarily risky.

Once I do get past normal/nm, when do you guys think I SHOULD start looking for concrete benchmarks?
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I assume everyone knows this, but in case you don't, the minimum levels for each difficulty
Nightmare - 30
Hell - 50
Inferno - 60

I haven't leveled a character in 1.05 but here is what I did in versions before (rough numbers - it's been a while):
1-13 Act1
13-23 Act2
23-30 Act3
Act4 not worth it for the danger

30-38 Act1
38-43 Act2
43-50 Act3

50-55 Act1
55-58 Act2
58-60 Act3

You should have around 1000/1000 str/vit when you reach inferno. Try to keep str and vit near 1:1 ratio, or in other words don't go crazy with like 2:1 or 3:1 ratio like SC players do.

If you want to play with a wizard when you reach inferno, or need help progressing feel free to add me.

Good luck
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Thank you so much for the leveling benchmarks. Any recommendations regarding EHP/DPS, or is that too obsessive for this early in the game?
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10/26/2012 03:38 PMPosted by Travis
Thank you so much for the leveling benchmarks. Any recommendations regarding EHP/DPS, or is that too obsessive for this early in the game?

EHP and DPS I never really paid attention to until inferno really. If you buy new gear every few levels like another person mentioned you won't need to worry about it. Especially in hell since there are these 700dps level 60 weapons with -14 level requirements and stuff now.
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Well, when people say "buy new gear every few levels," it circles me right back to wondering a) what levels I should buy gear at and b) what my targets should be when I'm shopping for that gear. You've all been very helpful, but I'm still a little lost.
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