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your most treasured item ever?

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Rakinushu's sword, blue quality, reminds me of the old times i had in d2. its been in my stash ever since i first got to act 2 for my first time ever in d3 :P
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The Axe my Barb has equipped currently. 465 strength and 1786 Life on Hit plus over 300 each of Dex and Int. With this Axe, I can whirlwind through everything and heal at the same time.
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Mine was an Inna's Glory i got in one of my first runs of inferno act 1. surprised the hell out of me...
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I have a sword with 888.8 damage. It kinda sucks, but I keep it as my lucky charm.
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My Zuni Pox, My TOTD, My pants, and my weapon.
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"Trolls Treasure"

Scoundrel token I found.

Rolled INT.

So perfect.
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For me, Gazing Demise, a legendary mojo I got when playing on my main, a WD at launch, while playing with a friend for the first time through the story. It also was my first ever legendary from D3. I still keep it in my stash, don't care if it takes space or not :)
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My quiver.
I tried to get a second hand-cross bow to increase DPS.
But Quiver always wins.
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Probably the ilvl 61 yellow shoulder on my DH, did get it in around the first month of release, and it's still useable up to now.

I tried selling it, but since there's already a clutter of cheap good items in AH, its basically unsellable so i'll just keep it as remembrance of getting a great yellow during "those" times.
"Those" times that yellows are valued high and legendaries are basically trash.
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The Gibbering Gemstone. Chatty Gem
"You feel like talking to someone.
It seems to be active but it's difficult to tell." I chuckle every time I read it so I keep it around.
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I still have a very old Leoric's Crown from week 1 of the game.
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Bear Deflectors. I just bursted laughing when i identified those pants.
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"Here Pledge" a lvl 63 rare sword. 700 DPS, 750 LoH, 200 Int, ~50% Crit Damage, Socket.

It's just sitting in my stash now but it was my first good find (worth 12 million on the AH back when it dropped) and the Crit+LoH allowed me to clear Acts III-IV for the first time. I found it on Halls of Agony Level 1 with one stack of NV.
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My barbs andys visage is probably mine.... was the first legendary I ever owned. bought it off AH when someone placed it super low (likely by accident).
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Current amulet.

It's my precious.
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Bottle of Rainbow, my precious item.
Always carrying it on me, for luck :)
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I would say none of them..

It would be totally different if I could actually FIND a great godly item for my character.. I would charish that.. but apparently my account is flagged for no legendaries or good items. I run with another friend and he CONSTANTLY finds legends in our runs.. I'm talking 5-6 per run.. Yet I find one maybe once a week of constant playing and it's usually a really crappy one that needs to be vendored.
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I'm awfully geared since I don't use AH ... my most valuable item is probably trash to most here...

It's the Off-hand of my SC wiz....

It's Floboco the skull, he gives me Arcane on crit, c.c., a nice dps boost, +10% HP and a nice life per sec. Thanks Floboco! He dropped last time I killed diablo inferno with MP1 Lolol...
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