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Temporary outage error 73 (11/01/2012)

11/01/2012 09:47 AMPosted by JinX
I'll tell you when you have played too much Diablo! TRUE STORY! Played for 4 days straight NO SLEEP, lots consciousness while on a run but not as in passed out but brain just went into autopilot, came to 4 hours later and was like WTF where am I what happened realized during those 4 hours gained 3 levels and had rares and everything my brain knew exactly what to do then knocked out on desk lmao, SWEAR ON MY LIFE TRUE STORY

I believe you...I once stayed up for two days playing an AD&D game called "Pool of Radiance" and I passed out walking home, same thing as you, on auto pilot...I saw a Kobold pop out from behind a tree in my neighbor's yard(I never did find the Kobold caves in the game), but when I reached behind my back for an arrow from my quiver my hand grasped only air. That's when I realized what I was doing and came to. True story!
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10$ says this lasts until 5 minutes before i have to go to work
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MOO i can relate to that one it really suck hope you get them under control i think i finally did after 2 years of tests
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d3 zombie?
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I need to put food in my table! bring the game back! RMAH is waiting for me....
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to be honest i actually had some blues in my invent and stash as well so when i was on auto pilot it wasn't perfect and who knows what I might have missed :(
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11/01/2012 09:52 AMPosted by RedSonic
When i read the word server i thought i was reading "sewers".... maybe im playing too much act 2?

You and I are in the same boat every time I hear the enchantress say "More Hidden" it sounds like "More Heathen" to me.
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11/01/2012 09:54 AMPosted by rachet205
i can relate to that one it really suck hope you get them under control i think i finally did after 2 years of tests

Uncontrollable atm, going to UVA (Big med hospital/college) tomorrow.. So I gotta stay up today after being up all night.. Ug, got nothing better to do than just this.

BTW - It started at 15 because I stayed awake too many days at a time. Let it be known to you peeps out there that your body can only take but so much.
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....<..( ( o Y o ).....).)>
.... \...\/................/
..... \............8====D~~~~~~~~~~~
....... ).............../

fixed yet?
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11/01/2012 09:53 AMPosted by Tycott106
diabro y u no let me pray you? i want pray diabro now.

If i am not mistaken, shouldn't this read, "Diabro y u no ret me pray you? I want pray diabro now?... Just curious.
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Well glad i heard something about the problem.
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The will be back Soon™
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seems more juvenile in original form due to horrible sentence structure so it better originally
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back in EQ1 i camped the ancient cyclops in OOT for 42 hours strait till i passed out. My buddy got the ring for me and we did a duel turn in for my Jboots!
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I wish they'd lock these threads so people can't post useless crap on them.
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