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Service Outage Information - 11/1/12

cannot log in
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Oh so now you post something about the RMAH issues. I am unsatisfied. It would have been nice if you guys acknowledged this when this actually started happening instead of basically calling us liars and telling a lot of us the problem was on our end.
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hope this gets fixed soon. It figures it would happen close to the weekend.
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I hope RMAH is fixed soon, all I get is error when buying out
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how long does it take. i need my gold asap! i buy gold to bid on an item and the gold takes more then 2 days? this is a joke. come on fix something. do something. how long do we have to wait?

no point of playing losing money as we speak
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Kids, calm down and let the grown ups work out your little problems.

Edit: cant log in. NOooooooooooooo

Demand Refund!!!!!
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Yeah I was thinking I"d buy some gold, however since It refuses to let me, I guess I won't.
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Quack! Quack! Quack!
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Been two days and nothing, this game is going down the tubes.
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Auction House just went down.
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Let's hope we get or missing payout/items back!!!!!
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I dont know what the problem is, we ALL know no one uses the RMAH, just look in forum! Everyone says HAVE NOT USED RMAH! lol
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entire AH is down. gold and rmah :( at least the problem is getting fixed and not progressively worse
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I'm starting to think the loss of my items is due to this. I have submitted a bug report and a ticket on this issue and I hope to get it rolled back because all I have now is my crap mf gear that I was wearing :(

Here's a link to my thread in general. I hope they roll me back because I will lose out bigtime and I'm pretty sure its a bug
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at this moment my mempo of twilight is on RMAH for 250$ and i have a buyer lined up, i read some post that they can't retrieve their items on RMAH while its authorizing. am i screwed? hopefully not. :(
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payment delays, how about no gold or rm auction service at all.....get your crap together/.....
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Quick updates! I've created a separate thread for auction house related issues and questions here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004343054#1

You can check back there for information and updates regarding maintenance, or to report any additional issues you may have encountered before we brought the service offline.
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11/01/2012 03:15 PMPosted by MrMoonlight
Just as a follow up, we're aware that some players are experiencing payment delays from the real money auction house (as well as other general usability problems) and are investigating the issue at this time.

I had this issue last night, it said something along the lines of there being an overwhelming amount of requests and to keep it in mind for future auction house purchases...obviously not the exact wording but quite close.

Following my last comment, I just received three notification emails from PayPal saying that I authorized a payment for an item from the AH (I made three failed attempts last night on that item before I gave up). Does this mean I've been triple charged because of the hiccup last night?
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I just checked my account and I WAS triple charged. How do I get my money back?
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