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What challenge have you faced in WoW?

Allow to me to clarify a little bit better for you viewers to understand.. I purposely left out some words in the above topic; so "What's the toughest challenge you have faced in WoW history"? You may share your top 5 challenges. This includes the following: PvP, Dungeons, World Boss Events, Raid bosses, etc. I will start off with my top 5 challenges that I have faced:

1) Madness of Deathwing (Dragon Soul 10-Player)
2) The Lich King (Icecrown Citadel 10-Player)
3) Kel'Thuzad (Naxxramas 10-Player)
4) Taran Zhu (Heroic/Normal 5-Player)
5) Professor Putricide (Heroic Icecrown Citadel 10-Player)

Note: Please read this post carefully. There's to be not bashing, insults, or anything that would go against ToS.
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paying the monthly sub...

P.S. Umm... don't you have a WoW account? You should post there
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my biggest challenge was trying to get through the trial period, people were camped at bosses so i couldnt finish the quest and i ended up confused and angry at fellows gamers.. so i didnt buy it and played wii tennis instead.
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Justifying to myself why I played it all.
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paying the monthly sub...

P.S. Umm... don't you have a WoW account? You should post there

I do have a WoW account. But the only problem is... the time ran out, and I'm too lazy to go buy a time card. So I made my post here instead.
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Clearing Sunwell VS Enjoying my summer... M'uru won.
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Vanilla WoW for life

Molten Core
Blackwing Lair

back when the game wasnt easy-mode lulzfest
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WoW is the easiest game i've ever played...

The only time i ever wiped the entire time i played was during a 25 man dragon soul and that's because i was playing with randoms.

I used to run through black temple and tempest keep like they were 5 mans
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The hardest thing about WOW is the other people.
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