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When was the last time and upgrade dropped?

My IK belt about a week ago. I got the Unity ring a day before. Then WD set armor piece came out of a chest which I sold for 50 million. That was a gold upgrade lol.
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Yesterday. I found an IK armor. 2 days ago, I found those sweet gloves for my Wizard.

Should I go on?

*Undoes pants button*

Found lots of upgrades but I play all 6 classes.
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All of my gear was bought from the AH. Got lucky and found a Unity that I sold for 75 million. Bought all of my upgrades with that. I'm actually pretty discouraged so I'm going to put my account on ice again until 1.06 news releases.

Farming for keys is boring IMO. I understand D3 is a grind. Just...D2 had distractions. I sold a few items today worth about 10 mil for 250k because I wanted to help a newcomer back to the game. The player only had about 10k DPS DW on his Monk. So I gave him a break.

Back to Steam, GW2, and TL2 for a bit. I hope 1.06 news comes sooner than later!

Have fun guys/gals and good luck hunting! I check the forums daily...so this isn't an "I quit" post.
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Got some sick pants. Yellow to my surprise, and with one socket.
Better than almost everything out there.
And my only upgrade before that was ALSO some pants.
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A couple days ago I found a upgrade to my MF shoulders. I seriously find upgrades on a 3-5 day basis for my main and everyday for my alts. Don't use the AH, you'll find upgrades all the time.
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found upgrade on friday. replacement pair of IK gloves with > 2x the strength of my previous set.
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My monk is basically reaching endgame levels being able to farm MP5 and 6. I haven't received an upgrade for her in months and am not surprised in the least. She's down to needing godly items that may never drop for me in the lifetime of this game. Things like trifecta gear or specific socketed set items.

Since I have all 5 classes at level 60...I tend to find an upgrade about once a week with the latest being 2 items yesterday (Nat's set drop and an improved amulet for my follower).

1.05 has massively increased the benefits of farming.
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Vile wards 2 weeks ago, Zuni boots 1 week ago, Strongarms just yesterday.
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I got a vile ward the day of 1.0.5 release, that's it.
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Found a tal rasha amulet that would have upped my dps by 11k and hp by 4k, but I sold it for 150m and i'm buying a zunis pox and an upgraded skorn, preferably with LS
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I got my enchantress a ring upgrade last night. Nothing for me in a couple weeks. Although i found some ik boots that i flipped for my wotching hour and vile ward
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lance on monk and a low upgrade gloves for barb
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I found the skorn I'm usding now like a week ago, and the ring im using today.

Also upgraded my bely with one i found a few days ago, but then upgraded it again on the AH.
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Last night, got my lame Manticore from a Whimsyshire MP4 unicorn pack.
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I had an unusually lucky weekend (for me) and found two upgrades. One of my upgrades was a pair of pants from the Blackthorne set that I ended up using mostly because it helped my Magic Find. The other upgrade was a two-handed axe for my Barbarian. It’s just under 1200 DPS, but also offered 400 Strength so it really helped him with his damage.
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Zuni's Pox dropped for me the other day.
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Never since getting level 60.
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I found a nice white glove item that gave me negative armor boost.
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