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When was the last time and upgrade dropped?

I have never had one for a level 60 character.
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2 weeks ago
amulet 9.5cc, 77cd, 35-58 avg dmg, open slot, 45 arc res

1 week ago
inna's pants 94dex, 142vit, 9ias, 1cc, 12% movement, 2 open slots

last night, tyrael's might with 186 dex, 78 res all, 8% dmg to demons, 4% dmg to elites, 12% movement, and 3 open slots

but this has probably been over 3-4k elite kills

unfortunately my profile hasn't been updated with the new chest piece
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wait wait wait upgrades drop? I knew I was playing the game wrong
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A week from last Sunday I got the ammy I am wearing. That's about the best upgrade from a drop I expect I'll ever get.
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Everything you see in my monk dropped, except for Inna's Radiance and Vile Ward which I bought 30m and 10m respectively.
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900 plus hours. nothing dropped... for my wizzy..
i did found a IK chest amror with 187 strength

sad i don't play barb

everything on my gears wizzy is from ah...

should i go on ?

i have over 1k hours, which is more than 90 percent of people on here..
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Not found an upgrade in ages. I mean ages (around a month) and I farm mp4 regularly with over 400 mf when I put my mf shield on but since I never find an upgrade and since 1.0.5 has been nothing but troll legendaries (terrible stats, wrong main stat, missing necessary elements like open socket or base crit on weapon etc) I've simply not had an upgrade in ages. My monk is about 43k dps and that's pretty good but I find it hard to believe with the amount of stuff I've killed I shouldn't have even found one really good item. The system is just too loose on the range so I fall into the category of being lucky to find a decent amount of legendaries (found 2 today) but they all suck. Like I had a windforce with intelligence, no crit, no socket along with a natalya's helmet with 22 int on the side of it's dex, no socket, no crit. I just find crap really so I'm playing a lot less because I can barely even be bothered to be trolled again, my motivation was to get a hellfire ring but since it's 5 random properties it's more than likely going to be 5 troll stats.

My best was a 1050 dps sword with base crit (about 67%) and loh but that's about as good as it got and with it's main stat being strength (160) I simply couldn't make full use of it and eventually sold it for a dagger with less than 1k dps but an open socket. None of my good gear was found, all bought.
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I've been grinding pretty heavily on my Monk and WD lately, and I FIND upgrades for them fairly often. Know why?

Because neither of them are wearing anything from the AH. My Wizard has on four things, but truthfully, I haven't been playing with him as much, so I can focus on leveling up other characters, and most of the stuff I've found came within a hair of upgrading, so once I'm able to farm higher MP levels and harder Acts in Inferno, I'm sure better stuff will appear.
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haven't gotten an upgrade to drop, but I find upgrades all the time with money I get from selling gear for other classes so I guess it's working as intended
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believe it or not, both the IK chest and gloves dropped for me the past week and they were good rolls/upgrades (especially the chest).
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Since 1.0.5 I've find a weapon upgrade, trifecta gloves, a ring, and a few other set peices which were upgrades for my friends.
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last one that droped was probably months ago i have been forced to play the GAH game to get upgrades for quite some time. i have noticed my blizzard luck factor garantees me only mid range items i never get top end items.
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Last weekend got my ammy. Thats the only item i found that im wearing
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every upgrade I found came within 48 hours of a patch.

DON'T FLAME ME!!! I'm just saying... every single time it's been right after a patch.
temporal association doesn't mean causality, I know....but hey... there it is.

therefore my last upgrade came right after patch 1.05 went live.

I found 1K+ bow with dex, vit, 600+ loh, 95% crit dam and a socket, then right after that I found 3 legendaries in 30 minutes.... true story.. months of nothing,then 3 legendaries in one run.

I got a sick rare bow and the witching hour belt for upgrades the other two legendaries weren't upgrades... well... one was firewalkers, but I gave it to my barb since it didn't have any dex on it.

since then, it's business as usual... nothing but vendor trash
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the last upgrade i found was the Andy's helmet for my female DH 2 days ago. Before that it was my barb's boots. I think I found them 2 weeks ago.
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I managed to upgrade my helm and boots on my WD, all the other stuff came from the GAH.

Since then I bought an upgrade of the same helm cheap, it leaves me thinking that I wish I had better gameplay skills of AH3. I definitely need to how to L2P AH3 better.
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When i played WOW an upgrade dropped no longer then once a month. and that was at a total of maybe 20 hours a week of game play. I waited a long long time for my T1 and T2 shoulders.

This game, after 20 hours a week of game play, nothing. Week after week.

Anyone see a problem with that?
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honestly I can't remember...

I got my natalya ring a day after 1.05 and I obviously forged the hellfire ring I'm wearing

everything else came from the AH
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I actually just found a rather nice ammy that was boosting my DPS, life and resistances. Unfortunately, it didn't have any LoH and came with CD instead of CC and I value both of these over anything else, so decided against using it.
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