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When was the last time and upgrade dropped?

My neck. 93%CD 10CC 130dex 40vit and average damage.

Edit: forgot to put that I got it two weeks ago
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Because I always did what the game was offering..

Get items from other classes, sell them, buy my upgrades..

Isn't what this game is about?

I must have missed something.
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I actually can not remember the last time I got an upgrade. Hmm the more I think about it I do not think i have found any items that I have used at all since I reached Inferno.

The main reason being the AH so when i find something that might be good enough for another class to use i sell it on the AH. Well used to anyway, not much selling lately and the AH ate a huge chunk of my gold over 2 weeks ago and Blizzard tells me they do not have the tools to give it back to me so I am trying to sell stuff without the AH. You know it is bad when they can not even return lost items or gold because they do not have the "tools" to do it.

Anyway i digress. I would sell items and then save up the gold and buy an upgrade. That way when the only Manticore i have ever found, with a whole 950 dps and 200 Int/100 STR, dropped i already had better. Same can be said for any other DH item i have found. Not a single DH set item either in over 1500 hours. So really IMO the game is completely designed to revolve around the AH. When you can play over 1000 hours and not actually equip a single item you find, Blizzard allows players to trade scam you without consequence, and they have affixes like RD witch forces players into completely over-gearing for every other affix to survive it. Then to me it is quite obvious. And that is before mentioning things like 200 INT/100 STR on bows, sets designed with little to no damage mitigation on them(cept for barbs) and AH bugs where a player can lose millions of gold or items and Blizzards say sux 2 b u. Even when they admit to having the proof you lost the gold and how much you lost.

Anyway so yea to answer the OP I do not think i have found an upgrade since lvl 50ish.
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I've never found an upgrade after hitting 60. Similar pattern for me in D2, while I found many decent upgrades, never really found any upgrades for myself. I always traded in D2 for my upgrades, and of course AH for my upgrades in D3.
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IK chest. It was better than my last IK chest. Sweet.
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Couldn't get an upgrade, had to use the AH.
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The secret??? Get your Paragon Level to 40+... Farm higher MP levels if you can and it doesn't slow you down;
Every person I hear say "I never get items" or "I never get any upgrades" are level 20 Paragon =/ so either try to stack MF or level up your Paragon. .
Ok, be honest now. How much did you get with your Barb, and how much are you getting with your other chars? My main is monk, I play together with a Barb friend and while he gets 100 of millions worth of items I get nothing special. Even my set items are the crappiest roll possible. Bad luck is bad :(

10 out of 12 items so 83% of items were found

Shoulders - Found since 1.02 from Diablo Inferno kill with my Wizard
Helmet - Bought for cheap
Amulet - Found it forget where
Gloves - Crafted from Blacksmith
Chest - Found in A2 Worm Cave
Bracers - Found farming Desolate Sands/Vault of Assassins
Trifecta Ring - Found farming Act 3 Key Warden killing elite pack at MP5
Other Ring - Found farming Vault of the Assassins
Belt - Found in A1 Fields of Misery off trash
Pants - Found from Vault of the Assassins farming
Skorn - Found in MP5 screwing around helping my brother test out WD builds
Boots - Traded some Monk my DEX Vile Wards for the Ice Climbers

Finding things with other characters are a bit more difficult though you can get a lucky streak every now and then. My Wiz found the neck she's wearing in Act 4 MP0 messing around testing CM WW with terrible gear helping some noobs in a public game. Found a STR Litany ring while playing with my Monk in Act 2 MP0 just because I actually needed to finish A2-A4 to get all the complete waypoints.

I occasionally find good items while messing around testing builds and powers but I wouldn't farm with them because the Paragon level is too low. Most my other 60's have about 10 or less Paragon.
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Good question it's been a while since I have upgrade dropped lol, I did get a danette bow that rise my attention to duel weld, since then I never change back to x bow.:)
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I have found multiple upgrades since the patch, both for myself and my brother that I farm with. Just today I found a multi-hundred million ring that was a clean upgrade for him, and 2 nights prior the immortal king boots my barb is wearing. I have also found several rings worth 50M+ in addition to good set pieces and legendaries that fetched a nice price on the RMAH. The more you know about the game mechanics and popular builds, the more often you will notice upgrades.

The interesting thing to note, is that I did find all of this stuff playing my Barbarian, who I neglected up until patch 1.0.5.
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I just never get any upgrade from the loots but the gold I made from the loots do :)

Yeah it's hard to find an upgrade from loots but that is why AH existed, yes?
I simply look at AH as a convenient way to trade loots with other player with the 15% fee.

P.S. I dont mean in anyway saying that the drop rate or stat roll flawed.
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Few days ago - ice climbers with ms.
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my nats boots that im wearing with a nice vit roll. droped for me a few days after 1.05. oh and I guess the hellfire ring im wearing which doesnt really count :P
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Because I always did what the game was offering..

Get items from other classes, sell them, buy my upgrades..

Isn't what this game is about?

I must have missed something.

You could make 5 chars. As that also makes you 5 times as poor I think you would have 25 times as much chance to find an upgrade.

I find them all of the time.

Sometimes it is hard to see if it is an upgrade. Last thing was gloves with 190 dex 230 intel and 7% crit chance. I havent actually equipped those because my dps goes down but the dex bonus would give my wizard something like 6-7% extra dodge chance. Intel doesn't compare to all res just like str doesn't compare to armor bonuses. But dodge % can only be made with dex.

If that doesn't count I found a magic 25% gold ring with 20-40 damage for my helper shortly before that.

With 5 chars you get 15 helpers. Takes a bit of time to find all of those rings, weapons and amulets.

2 of your helpers don't have equip. Technically any 1h, amulet or ring you find was an upgrade. If you chose not to equip them it only makes the upgrades drop more often. lol
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outside of GAH - pre 1.03.

over 300 legs found since 1.04...not a single fuggin upgrade
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