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MONK ....DH?

So I've spent a little under 20m gearing up my Monk, and I feel like I'm doing something wrong, because for fun, I spent roughly 300k gearing up my DH last night and now it runs MP0 and MP1 faster than my Monk.

Question is...should I stick with Monk? And if so, could anyone give me advice on gearing or build? I'm mainly just farming MP0 and MP1. I'm open to selling anything I have.
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You made some really bad decisions. I would go with a rare belt over inna's; since you only stacked one res on the bracers, look for soe strongarm bracers; you should've gone big on the gloves; your jewelry is pretty bad in general. Your weapons don't have any sustain on them either; I'd switch that fist for a life steal weapon with a socket. To top it off, your inna radiance is pretty bad. You might be able to fix it for a few M =/
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thanks. I really did splurge on the weapons too like an idiot. Gonna sell them
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At MP 0-1, you don't really need sustain, you can get away with health globes. Your weapons are fine for now. If you want more DPS, you can buy a cheap azz Skorn which will help you fly through MP 0-1 (especially if you like using TR). A simple suggestion would be switching to MoC-Overawe to increase your damage and killing power. You can also find some relatively cheap rings and an ammy with crit chance/damage or crit chance/ias (look for lower crit chance rings 3.5% because everyone wants 5% and up now; Same for ammys-look for 7% crit chance, they are way cheaper). Any bonus to dex/vita/resists/average damage on the rings and ammy would be nice.

Food for though-check out some of the forum posts on monk budget builds. There is a wealth of information from great monks out there who have posted threads to help out fellow monks like you and me.


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