Diablo® III

Error 3003

No Cisco VPN for me. We have an authentication layer for the restricted WiFi, but there weren't any updates that I'm aware of and the University doesn't push updates directly to my private laptop.

I tired deleting and reinstalling the game. I was still unable to connect to the Americas server but I could connect to both Europe and Asia servers; that was about 30 minutes ago. I just got home and logged in with no problem on my TWC connection.
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A majority of the posters in here are using the University of Southern California's network. It may be an update the school made to a device causing a conflict now that you wouldn't be notified about. I'm just guessing but that's really all that makes sense to me. I realize too that it will be difficult to find out if that's what happened or not.

You might talk to them and explain that everything was fine and then suddenly students on campus can't connect. Maybe they'll be aware of a change they made at the same time it started happening.
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Using normal WiFi here.. stuck on either the server authentication screen or getting an error 3006... was able to login once after clearing cache .. but got disconnected...
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Thanks for your help Omrakos. Seems like it probably is a USC issue if it's isolated to just us. I'll count myself as the lucky one that got to leave campus and use a different network for the night. Hopefully they'll have it sorted out by tomorrow, whatever it is.
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Update: getting error 3006 and it might not be a connection issue (not sure)

I can login to all the other servers (Asia and Europe) and on the Americas using another account (starter).. but cannot login my main character... getting stuck on the server authentication screen (retrieving hero list)

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Welp that would explain why you were sure it was a university issue
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I have a friend living in Saint Louis, on a personal connection who is experiencing the same problem.
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I'm also from usc, cannot login. My school has a lists for blocked hosts and websites:

Hosts Automatically Source Blocked by the Network
Hosts Blocked at Router for Network Misuse
Internet Sites Blocked for Abuse of USC's Network
Jacks Disabled for Network Misuse
MAC Addresses Disabled for Network Misuse

Maybe the diablo servers are in any of those cause some people didn't turn off p2p when they updated and got diablo banned for everyone.
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If this is only an USC story, I think we should communicate with our ITS and let them know that we are only play an online game and not doing anything illegal.

By the way, it is good to have a chance to get USC players together.
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i just logged in, maybe it's fixed now, or it was a temporary ban/block of battle.net
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I'm connecting on campus without issue this morning.

USC, 3003, FIGHT ON!
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Since the latest patch I have been getting this error too. That makes it every patch now, something !@#$s up.

So over this BS.

Not USC student, haven't played on a different address... >_>
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Hi! I got kicked off the game while browsing the AH. Now I keep getting error 3003 everytime I try to log on to EU. America works fine. I'm on my home network (no campus stuff).
Tried clearing all folders in "ProgramData" like suggested. No help in that. (Running Win 7)

What can I do to get back online?
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I'm still getting this issue more often this week. I was just playing 2 hours ago. I'm from Manila using a home DSL network. No issues in the past. tried all the fixes here including reset of modem.

Weirdly, i've had issues even accessing the forums, after the restart, that got fixed, but still getting the 3003 error... argh!

I can access asia and europe servers without issues. Is this some sort of IP issue?
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same here... im only playing on my desktop and nowhere else. still getting 3003. my friends are logging in just fine!
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got the same error. im also only playing here at home. please help
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Screw this... keep getting this error today... its already 11am still cant log in.. lol
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i am able to connect now, it seems this is a problem with a certain ISP.. here in ph its Globe..
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Haven't been able to connect for 2 days now. Error 3003
I play on the EU.

EDIT: I know this is US forums, just been looking for a fix.
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