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5 GREAT IMPROVEMENTS that take 5 mins to code

I read this thread back when it was still on page 1 or 2, and I can't believe it got to 21.

It is such sad sad times when people think the OP is a genius.....

You guys have no comprehension as to what game design entails..... zilch, zero, nada.

Agree with this. I'm not even going to comment on whether these are great improvements or not. If anyone thinks they will take 5 minutes to implement (notice I didn't say code) then you just have no idea how things work on the scale of a company like Blizzard.

So sad. So tragic.

Dozens of people were just killed in a hurricane...

But what's really tragic is the fact that I posted some low-effort/high-value changes to this video game in a message board.

This is just pointless.
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I love all of the ideas the OP mentioned. Monster density being the best one.
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Ok, now I know you don't have a job.

You're right, my company was acquired earlier this Spring, and I don't need to work for a long time. If ever.
an absolute +1
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11/01/2012 04:33 PMPosted by ellisD

You're right, my company was acquired earlier this Spring, and I don't need to work for a long time. If ever.

Now I know this whole thread is a joke. :O

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Might I add (this may or may not have been mentioned since this thread has started) that ALL ilvl60+ legendaries should be intrinsically good. Intrinsic in that they shouldn't be just absolutely useless (looking at you Nailbiter/Sever). At least give them some sort of stat or proc that, while may or may not still be the BIS for it's users, but at least warrant a change in play style.

An example of this in D2 was Blizzards realization that there was really no feasibility of a throw-barb. Then they threw in The Lacerator, and BOOM feasibility.
These are cool ideas.

Impress me Blizzard by implementing at least one of these, and giving credit to the OP.
some good suggestions.. but obviously the five minutes to code is a gross underestimation.
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