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5 GREAT IMPROVEMENTS that take 5 mins to code

i agree with everything the OP said. +1
+1 OP
I really like more variiablitlity in non-mainstat abilities
As well, OVERALL monster density would be great, not jsut Act 1/Act 2, they should get a buff more than 3, but I think act 3 should be buffed as well.
Allow people to move and attack with the TAB-map up...
2) Add more monster density to Act 1 and Act 2.

This one is also super simple and would make the game so much more lasting. Most good D3 players have spent the last four months farming Act 3, and we would love to change scenery by doing Act 1 more often. But the monster density is too low to get the XP and drops we need. The halls of the dungeons feel empty. Double the number of skeletons and the problem goes away. Super simple. Just do it.

This would be an amazing thing. Even if it was for inferno only and not trying to re-balance the xp or density for the other difficultly levels. The replay value of the other levels would be much higher for sure. And it would, like you said, a very nice change of scenery than act 3.
great ideas. how blizzard cant come up with this kind of stuff is beyond me. how can you be such a "successful" franchise and be so neglectful with such simple things? it's like all they wanted was to put a game on the shelves that keeps the money rolling in and the rest they couldn't care less about.

gaming needs to go back to what it was 10 years ago, when it was original, vast, involved, and not just a huge cash grab. diablo 3 is all rmah, wow is now just about cute pets and mounts at the blizz store, etc etc. it's pathetic.
Very good OP, well thought out and clearly stated.

Oh, I also agree 100% with the 'make the sorceress shut up' bit.
i dunno if anyone said this yet, but i would love to have an option to delete items on the AH that i have been out bidded on...
10/31/2012 02:00 PMPosted by presha
2. Make items show stat changes for the current character when hovering over them in the AH. Using a d3calc for every item just to check if it's better than your current one is ridiculous

Bump and Sticky, I'd love to farm act 1 :(
I really like all of those suggestions except for the 3rd... I imagine it would take alot more than just a week's worth of testing to implement that one.. however all your other changes seem really simple coding changes.

To add a little bit to #3.. you could simply Code class specific gear to not be able to roll non class stats. That would be HUGE.. Right now the other primary stats add "something" to everyone, in the form of a higher defensive bonus. Whether it's Dodge-resists- or extra bit of armor
what about adding a comma to the every 3 digits in the trade window.
Blizzard!!! I like #3 XDXDXDXDXD
i love your suggestions bro :D i dont know about the enchantress thing tho :)) hhahahahahhah i also have a thing with your AH suggestion :D i think everyone should be given a fair chance at trying to auction off their items. Cutting off their opportunities to auction stuff is like cutting off people's opportunities to get jobs in the real world :)) lol

but still, love the other 3 suggestions :)) blizzard should totes take a look at these
I love your suggestions OP, but I honestly think they don't know how to code those in the game, as simple as it may seem.

+1 though
definitely like a lot of the concepts you proposed my favorite being the coding that would stop duping. i haven't seen much of it being a problem on U.S. servers but I've heard on Asia servers radiant star gems are 200k because they are all duped. the only other thing i think your suggestions is missing is pickup radius. I'm over joyed at the fact that you don't have to click gold anymore and its not too trouble some to get some + radius gear but something like pickup radius should come with growing in levels or with paragon levels. I personally never used PUR on any on my chars and just happened to get a WD OH with 20yrds on it and i can't believe the difference it makes in saving time vs running over stuff and actually helping you survive by grabbing health globes quickly ect. you get 3% MF/GF per paragon level why not + 1 pickup radius per 5 paragon levels. I know that blizz did paragon to eventually move away from mf gear in the future so why not do away with pickup radius and possibly even movement speed too?
As a programmer, I find it delightful that you can comment with authority on a foreign code base regarding the "ease" and subsequent risks associated with making changes to the code without even looking at the code.

I assume you must work on the NYSE or other global financial systems..........................................................................................................
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