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5 GREAT IMPROVEMENTS that take 5 mins to code

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Sorry, but you are wrong.

Had Skorn been created with +0 Random Affixes, as the Azurewrath was, then there wouldn't be a single one on the AH worth even 100 million gold. There would be none with Lifesteal, none with +500 strength, none with IAS, none with damage over 1500...

If Echoing Fury had one fewer affixes, then there would be very few of great value. The only ones of value would be the 1200dmg + socket ones... but because of the affix count, you can get godly rolls like +1100 dmg / socket / lifesteal.



If you put ONE more affix onto Azurewrath, then people will start using a socketed Azurewrath and radically change their game builds in a positive way. It will not lead to balance problems.

The game will ALWAYS BE OUT OF BALANCE in some way or another. Right now, the game has such insane balance problems that an extra affix on a dead legendary will do very little to advance the problem.

Sheesh -- this is why things never get done -- there is always one person who exaggerates the complications and pours cold water on great/meaningful improvements.

.. and I know... I founded and built one of the largest websites in America. And we got stuff done because we thought about "simple and smart changes" all the time.
Posting in support; some cool ideas!
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Oh, and one more thing...


If you agree to hire me as a consultant for Diablo 3, here is my pledge to you..

1) I will do the work for FREE -- I will give you four full weeks of my time, 40 hours per week, without charging you a penny.

2) I have a degree in Economics, in addition to my expertise in building software. I can fix the Diablo economy very easily.

3) I live in California and will pay my own expenses to get to your headquarters.

4) I have substantial experience with user feedback, and I know how to take it in stride.

Oh well, if someone at Blizzard reaches out to me, I'll happily do the work.
I like all these changes and they, although never to be implemented, would breathe new life in to the game.

I played Titan Quest with the Xmax mod and it made the game immensely more enjoyable. It simply increased the spawns of monsters, that's all it did. It was what a hack and slash should be all about, and what they totally forgot about in this title. The grandfather of the genre...forgot what made these games great. Starting off small and weak, running away from a couple skeletons with bows at first, and over time working your way up to destroying the legions and hordes of hell.

Through the whole game we're wandering through near empty halls and valleys with sparse pockets of actions with a small handful of "correctly" populated areas. Those areas are the ones players gravitate towards? Coincedence? No. We just know what we want and what is best so we go there. Unfortunately Blizzard forgot, or used to know but changed...for the worse. By far the worse. REPOPULATE SANCTUARY! (so we can slaughter everything wholesale in copious quantities and roll around in the treasure left behind!)

Thanks for the thoughtful response.

Software releases always take time simply by the fact that they are software releases. Of course nothing ever gets "done done" in five minutes, but they are changes that require very little in the way of new code, new graphics, new audio, new database changes, etc.

Rather than us nitpick whether it would take five minutes, five hours, or five days to make these changes, can we all agree that they are necessary?

I have gotten some people who argue the "non-main stat buff" will impact game balance...

It won't.

As mentioned, if +100 Dex were to give Barbarians +1% attack speed, that will not greatly change game balance. He can only stack Dex at the expense of Strength, which he will not. What this *does* do is improve the "incidental" stats that come along with that otherwise godly sword or helm. Make them seem like they aren't a total waste.

And, yes, Monks and Wizards would also get similar improvements, but I speak to the Barb since that is what i know best.

I liked your ideas, they are great, but they have an impact that needs to be analyzed. A monk or demon hunter would have 25% more attack speed, that would be a problem in pvp. But maybe this can be solved with diminishing return.

If with these modifications there is a balance, it would be very interesting that a monk or demon hunter had more attack speed or a wizard/witch doctor had more damage or resource, or a barbarian had more endurance, etc.. These are only examples. In fact this idea is that I have these classes, monk and demon hunter attacking quickly, wizards causing much damage, witch doctor being used more in support with enough resources and barbarians tanking.

Let's hope someone read this and implement these ideas.
4) Make the sorceress shut up.

Seriously. For the love of God. Make it an option menu check box or something. I literally can't play when my girlfriend is home because if she hears the enchantress she will think less of me.


And make an option to disable any Boss talk too. The spider that keeps talking every zone after Siege Breaker is annoying. Hitting the Esc. key every time is annoying too.
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Ah, understand the confusion here.

The +100 Dex = 1% attack speed would ONLY be for Barbarians, Wizards, and WD, because it is a non-main stat.

Giving that same advantage to DH or Monk would be unthinkably powerful and would, as you said, change the game balance.

For Monks and DH, they would get no additional benefit from +Dex, but they would get additional benefit from +Strength.

For example...

Monk and DH = +100 Strength --> +10% Crit Damage
Monk and DH = +100 Intelligence --> +100 Life Regen, +10 MF

Things of that nature...
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I agree with number 2. ROFL number 4
you make very good points!
So, if I randomly pick up two identical items, which does happen, I lose both? Or, look, I have two Radiant Star Emeralds...oh, no I don't...
4) Make the sorceress shut up.Seriously. For the love of God. Make it an option menu check box or something. I literally can't play when my girlfriend is home because if she hears the enchantress she will think less of me.

Options--> Sound --> Voice volume
OP I read your post.
5 minutes?
You are not a software engineer.
You are probably reading C++ for Idiots between your Macdonalds shifts.
5 min to program and a couple of lines of code OP? You are no software engineer with a comment like that. Maybe some douchebag in first year uni is my guess. You are fking clueless buddy
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@Last Two Posters Who Are Clearly Friends,

I was VP Engineering at a very very large web company.

Read the other comments regarding how long it takes to deploy these changes. Obviously, nothing takes five minutes per se -- but it still gets done damn quickly.

Nitpicking about engineering technicalities does not change the greater point, so take a hike.

These changes are super simple and would make the game far far better.
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10/31/2012 12:04 PMPosted by Brygo
Whether these changes take five minutes or five days to implement, they will add massive re-playability, and they are MUCH MUCH MUCH simpler to implement than the whole Hellfire quest.

While true... I would also vouch that the Hellfire quest has added a huge level of replay value, more so than these suggestions would bring as a whole (even though all of them are valid and should be looked into).
1. give us "identify all" button as an option. Even with decreased time it's no fun at all for me. It is a waste of time. It was fun 50 thousand clicks ago.
Don't like the idea? Untick the box in the options and enjoy your 1sec/4sec progressbar
2. Make items show stat changes for the current character when hovering over them in the AH. Using a d3calc for every item just to check if it's better than your current one is ridiculous
3. Fix the daibos. They're slow and useless. A 2-handed stick with the attack speed of 2H sword? It's a lot lighter, should be faster.
4. Same for fists. How come a fist weapon is by default slower than a dagger and has the same attack speed as swords? Where's the logic?
5. Make a loot filter as an option, so I can chose which items I wanna see on the ground. Make the filtered-out items only pickable by control-clicking on them, so you never pick up (gray/white/blue) junk you don't want to see in your inventory.
6. Give us an option to turn off the real-time and rendered cinematics.
7. Give us 2 more stash tabs so we can get rid of mules.
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Hey guys im a programmer listen to my ideas on game design and implications.

no, i have no idea how the game is actually put together and have never created anything of its complexity.

but cmon guys i did webpages

its 5 min, but not really, but its fast.
Monster density is abysmal at best increasing that is a great suggestion . How about fixing act 4 in some way. Act 4 is pure poo. To me at this point in time Diablo 3 only consists of one act, act 3.
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