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5 GREAT IMPROVEMENTS that take 5 mins to code

NOT correct. You will be down a creek with no paddle if you try this. I personally have found items that were 100% identical, and not just once.
Not to mention that mathematically there are TONS of duplicate items across the realms, and that will go up as time goes on. Duping will need to be combated in other ways.

You don't possibly expect me to believe this, do you?

You have found two items with IDENTICAL NAMES and IDENTICAL STATS right down to the finest detail? The mathematical odds of that are one in billions.
This one's a known bug hey.
I love the Legendary idea. Imagine the frustration when you get Item Level 63 Legendary sword with 600 dps zzzzZZZ

I62 Legendary Ring - eg. Compass Rose. No primary stats, no IAS, no crit, no All resist. What makes it Legendary?
a ring that makes you run faster? sounds legendary to me.
Another 5 min one that could make a great impact : Make MF affect the item affix rolls, instead of just affecting the 'number' of affixes.

I really wonder how they decided to implement the system that grades item quality based on number of affixes. It just seems that not a lot of thought was put into this. 'Item quality' judgement should come from BOTH the number of affixes and how 'successful' the rolls on those affixes are.
Solid post. - i think 1 and 5 are most needed.

2. Mob density effects different classes in different ways, having huge hordes benefits wizards and barbs the most. I think they side stepped this by giving monster power. Monster power is like the bad version of increasing mob density. It increase killing time vs. run time. Kiting classes would have a bad time if mob density increased. Diminishing returns with regards to loot ensures the economy doesn't depreciate faster than it does already. Increasing mob density would be amazing though, i'd like if they had a monster power and monster density option, but that wouldn't really be fair on non WW barb and CMWW wiz classes.

3. i don't have an opinion on this one. as long as its balanced properly, it'll be nice.

4. haha, i like the sorc.

5. yes much needed, it'll probably need to be a bit more subtle than the way you suggested, but all methods of stopping duping on top of big rust storms and ban waves is much welcomed.

1. yessssss - without 2 free affixes for CD and OS, any weapon is worthless.
How many players actually craft items from the blacksmith? Not many since the crafting cost is significant and the chance of getting 4-6 good affix roles together is slim to nothing.
Here's an idea, add more blacksmith plans of individual affixes like; blacksmith plan of movement speed, blacksmith plan of all resist, etc. Then, allow the blacksmith to craft items from current rare items (don't allow legendaries for balance?) where you can point your cursor at a useless rare affix for the blacksmith to reroll from a list of known plans without rerolling the other desired affixes on the item. Keep the crafting cost up and gold increases in value in game. Of course keep the affixes limited to certain item groups, for instance crit.chance only on helm, bracers, gloves, ring, ammy, weapon, off-hand. Players would customize their equipment with the affixes they are looking for. Affix number limits still there so for example you can't go over 80 AR /item. I don't think this would hurt the AH cause more would be selling from the crafting increase and more would be buying to get that near perfect set of affixes.
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The problem isn't coding most of the time, its how it effects the entire game.

As is people complain about certain classes/builds being able to kill things easier then others, one tiny change that you suggest can completely change the entire game(apart from the sorc thing, you can just turn down the sound on voices to 0).

Their is also the fact that Blizzard don't release patches in bits and pieces as it would just be constant patching and changes making things confusing for some players, it is better to do a major patch every few months with a lot of changes so people have time to adjust and so that real figures can come out from changes.

Bottom line, changing things on the fly just to make one or 2 things 'better' could completely change something else unforeseen something you, me and others may not even consider some average Joe could find away to use in a new insane way.

Blizzard needs to look at the bigger picture and the long term, not just a quick fix.
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some really good suggestions, hope they listen!
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Good suggestions, especially making non main stats interesting, increasing mob density for act 1 and fixing dead legendaries.

Here's another quickie that would make the game 50% more fun right off the bat and would take 5 minutes of coding : increase base movement speed of at least 10%, so we dont fall asleep between two hordes of mobsters. I have 23% movement speed and it feels sloooooow !! Also, this would reduce the mob density problem.
That just makes it harder to click on stuff while you're moving and it makes it harder to recover from a misclick. Why? Well the camera is constantly centered on you so increasing your move speed increases the camera movement and the position of the enemies relative to you shifts more rapidly.

Its a terrible change to force upon everyone. I wouldn't mind it being a possible affix that can roll on items though as I can straight up refuse to use them. I have a choice in the matter then.
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5) Never allow two identical items on the AH at once...There are more and more reports of duping, and while it's not an epidemic yet, it is the ONE thing that can totally ruin Diablo. Heck, I quit D1 and D2 when duping became a problem. So why are multiple of the exact same item on the AH at once?It would take Blizzard literally five minutes to put in a line of code that searches the AH to see if your item already exists on it. If an item with the same name and stats is on there, you can't put it up. In theory, they should have unique item ID's for everything in their database, but regardless, this will also go a long way to combating the problem.And while they're at it, take another five minutes to put that same line of code in your inventory and stash. If an item is placed in either -- and an identical item exists -- it deletes both. Wow. That would take literally five minutes to code. So do it. A 'false positive' is mathematically impossible, so there are no risks really.

BRO this is INGENIOUS. Blizzard should implement this. Also I left D2 for duping also. A legitamate game is the best game.

P.S. your other ideas were nice too. Good Post.
Great suggestions :) (best i've seen on the forums so far)

Requested Sticky.
I support. Basically Blizzard needs to come up with a new patch soon before the buzz from mp levels and infernal machines taper off. Yes please implement changes to legendaries and also the ability for more customization on legendary items' outlook/color. Denser monster packs makes farming much more interesting. Otherwise I start to nod off zz...z.z..z..z...
Point 2 is super easy, and long overdue.

Starting from Monster power 1+, Act 1 & 2 monster density should be upped to be on par with what it is in act 3. In the same spirit, act 4 could be made longer, with 2 additional spire levels for instance : 2 before Azrael, 2 after. You don't even have to revamp the art, just make act 4 bigger so that it feels less cheap and becomes worth farming.

That way, the pace of the game is not changed for the new comers (at MP0), yet all acts become equally time-efficient for us dedicated farmers, so that we get a most welcomed change of scenery.
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This thread rocks!

Of your points, the two that I need the most are:

Monster Density issue
Stop the Duping
the +1 Movement speed really would serve little purpose as most barbs are all ready running around at 24% They'd get 100 dex and hit the cap
Blizz: 5 minutes? fk dat
Dude I read the forums all the time, since beta but I never post. Your ideas are absolutely awesome, it motivated me to post for the first time! Good job bro I hope something comes out of it. And I had to give some love to a fellow engi!
Good list. I love seeing well-thought-out improvements to the game. One that I believe you missed, though, is an ID All NPC/button. Would instantly make 90% of the gamers about 5% more happy with the finished product.

And as for the off-hand attribute, I've been making threads on that for a long, long time (they never seem to gain traction). Here's the latest thread in which I discussed it: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004340844#9
Oh, and as for #5...

It is entirely possible (depending on value ranges for the items, not very likely though, but still) for two items to roll the exact same stats. Unfair to punish in that instance. Granted, not being able to post the item to the AH right at that moment is not the biggest punishment in the world, but still something to consider.
NOT correct. You will be down a creek with no paddle if you try this. I personally have found items that were 100% identical, and not just once.
Not to mention that mathematically there are TONS of duplicate items across the realms, and that will go up as time goes on. Duping will need to be combated in other ways.

You don't possibly expect me to believe this, do you?

You have found two items with IDENTICAL NAMES and IDENTICAL STATS right down to the finest detail? The mathematical odds of that are one in billions.

Try again, I wasn't born yesterday.

Obviously, gems, and commodities would be excepted from this.

It happens , sometimes when an item drops it drops twice , the exact same item , it has happened to me like 3 times , even with some legendary sword ... but thats on blizzard
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