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upgrade the WD above you

This is done on other forums for d3 and I think its a great help for any wd that posts

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This seems like fun! @tedp Your health is semi low, I would invest in a blackthorne's belt to take advantage of the two piece set bonus.
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@AntonioReddThats a good idea i did not think of thank you, I was waiting for a zuni helm with crit however cuz that health will save my pool.
but if i HAD to give you advice you might want to look at blackthorn pants cuz they are nice pants, maybe inna's temperance if you want to go crazy... but other than that maybe a Unity ring or the hellfire int ring to replace your yellow ring
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Great gear! All i can really think of is an O/S on the weapon. Everything else is very nice.
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I'd Definately look at getting a similar amulet, but with some stats on it, You're missing out on a ton of potential int and vit.
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Not really a big fan of andy visage
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Can someone do me?
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Even less a fan of Tal rasha helm since you don't have a 4pcs zuni set and all it does is inflating your paper DPS and greatly harms your real combat effectiveness.

Get a zuni' vision please
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Yea been looking for a 6 cc zuni helm, recently swapped out zuni OH for thing
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^ Snoref;

upgrade your weapon to a 850-900 dps weapon with CD and an OS - will give you a huge DPS upgrade;

OR a basic not expensive upgrade - a non socketed manajuma knife for now, as you can get 1k dps, 3% lifesteal, 60-70% cd and 170 int for 5-10mil~
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Get more Movement speed. Either Cuni's or Inna's pants :D.

I don;t usually have pierce the veil on, was checking something running GI/GF build 108k dps without PTV.
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^new chest with ova 200 vit and 150 intel so u dont gota use vit gems
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Lacuni's! :D
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^ put a gem on your merc's crossbow! otherwise your gear is good :-)
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You're very low on AR, might want to get some more if you want to survive higher MP levels. Also, consider a witching hour to up your dps a bit.

If you're just running low MP lvls, try to get more MF on your and your follower's gear.
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Not sure about your set pieces for weapons. The source is pretty nice, lots of bonus damage, good int, mana regen, but no crit chance. The spirit barrage is doing nothing for you and you really don't have skills to proc that fear.

The weapon is sub bar dps, crit damage is good, and a slot, nice int and ll. Just not sure that the set bonuses are doing that much for you, certainly would lose int going for something else, but you could gain a fair amount of pure damage on your main hand, and I don't think that poison aura is doing you much good with your long range spells, snare and pets.
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Any advice for me would be appreciated. I'm always changing out my passives. I've found that I'm not a big fan of gruesome feast and am thinking about replacing it with tribal rites since it would lower 3 of my 6 skills' CDs. Also thinking about GI over Spirit Vessel.
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I didnt look to hard at your gear, but lose the last breath it has no crit or socket, drop gruesome feast since you have no pickup radius that i saw
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Your profile was bugged at the time I looked.
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No wonder this thread died when you posted XD going to be very hard to upgrade you hahaha.

very nice items all around, upgrades will probably have to be getting a bit more of certain stats in all your items which will cost a bomb...more CD on your 2H, more armor on pants, more AR on hour, more CC on helm. But I'm just nit-picking =D

I'm looking for some advise also.
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