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upgrade the WD above you

I need tons of upgrades - 250m or so to spend.
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06/15/2013 08:32 PMPosted by TriTTon1715
I need tons of upgrades - 250m or so to spend.

Get a better helm; at least 100 more int and 6% crit!

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make diablo your default profile...
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Crafted shoulders and bracers will be better, I think, for you, @Swampdonkeys.

For me, i try to get much more protection...
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Craft some Gloves
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maybe inna pants with int/vit...but u will proly lose the health globe bonus......

proly the gloves with similar stats+AR or the weap with more dmg

i was gna say your off hand before i saw yr setup lol....
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alittle low on AR but could be solved by getting an AR bracers. prob crafting would be a good option.

otherwise all around very solid items. I would drop innas for EHP rare pants though. but I guess its personal preference here.

P.S. I find it odd how I was skipped for both upgrade me threads that i've posted in today. both here and in EU forum. no one likes me =(
Not just today but back in the old days I got skipped 1 or 2 more times in such threads...the only time i had a feedback was a few months back in a 'rate me' thread, the player didn't rate me, but said : 'shield, nuff said' T^T
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^ Better shield. nuff said >_>
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Maybe some better crafted bracers with an armor roll on them. Very interesting setup you have by the way.


Pox with crit and a better knife.
Edited by RuBisCO#1651 on 6/16/2013 1:21 AM PDT
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Maybe you can start on gloves & bracers to try and get some Ar on them as ur Ar seems abit low but u got good amr, can also try shoulders' crafting to get a 1 with higher int / vit.

You may also want to try and socket in a marq ruby in ur skorn .
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@EremiteAngel: I think it's difficult to advise your gearing because your setup is fairly nonstandard. Is this a pvp spec? A better shield with better block would be nice. Also why not a rare axe or spear instead of the sickle?
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06/16/2013 01:13 AMPosted by Surijak
^ Better shield. nuff said >_>

boo lol. no, actually good point. I do need a better shield =D.

06/16/2013 01:18 AMPosted by RuBisCO
Maybe some better crafted bracers with an armor roll on them.

hmm bracers was my least crafted item. I stuck with the first good roll I was given. Maybe I should craft a few more and see...though I think the current one is pretty decent with AR and Dex rolls.

Is this a pvp spec? A better shield with better block would be nice. Also why not a rare axe or spear instead of the sickle?


its my farming spec XD or more specifically...its my gearing for all the tough elites (tremors/blazing guardians/disentombed hulks)...acts 1-3 not much problems...act 4 still giving me quite a headache because of all the status-effect mobs around T^T...

sickle because...its cool...last I checked diabloprogress, I think i bought the US 2nd ranked sickle and world ranked no. 4. just some useless stats really lol...but its useful pulling range elites in and out of plague fields etc that you don't want to walk into...
Also, its relatively cheaper compared to the other rare weapons of the same stats...

your WD is massive by the way. 200K+ DPS with 900K+ EHP. very sweet gearing. Can't really see what else you can upgrade without massive spending...very well balanced...one of the few WD I've seen that I can't really advise something...unless I go nitpicking like 8% on your boots, some primary stats on your rare ring etc.

Thanks anyway for all the input guys. shield must be upgraded. =D
Edited by EremiteAngel#6608 on 6/16/2013 3:20 AM PDT
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@EremiteAngel: Thanks. Yes I tried very hard to balance the DPS and MIT. Paid off because MP10, even against hard elites, is not such a frustrating experience anymore. Though there are still times that I wish I could freeze those annoying runners :)

@SiaoLang: Missed you first time around. Great WD you have there. Ah Siao as in crazy? :)
I was going to comment on the fact you had no CC on your vision but then realised you are running bears. You've maxed out mana regen on all slots...wow! Love that weapon of yours...how much was it? Bet you had to wait a while to find it.

To have no cc on helm and using a SoJ and be above 200k with your very respectable MIT, I cant really advise anything but say good job on your WD.
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@ kurosawa

Haha, how did you know i am crazy? Maybe we are from the same dialect.
I just saw this ck knife poped out in the Gah and just bid on it, surprisingly won the bid with 330m·
There is also another better dps one in the Gah but with slightly lower cd about 60% and mana regen currently in bidding i last saw. Hard to suggest any upgrades for your wd cause it will be hard to maintain current stats without sacrificing any ehp -> dps or vice versa· Only thing is maybe can try your luck at crafting, and hope to get lucky·
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@Siao your set u look really good man I can see anything else that would help you out. Sorry I'm no help to you.
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@Dobar u can upgrade ur pox to a 6CC one and ur tal amu cause 5.5CC is very low
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"only" 5.5 cc on zuni vision and "only" 4.5 cc on zuni pox. :)
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Your pants and zuni vision can be upgraded :)
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i think im done upgrading my doc
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Yep... the only DPS upgrades your gonna get will cost you ehp. Very nicely done! Crack a cold one and wait for the itemization overhaul to start again!
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