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upgrade the WD above you


Yep... the only DPS upgrades your gonna get will cost you ehp. Very nicely done! Crack a cold one and wait for the itemization overhaul to start again!

always loved your proc doc
it's pretty insane over tbh
think we're in the same boat. add me i'd like to run with ya some time to see what it's like
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I need to add critical chance and damage but not with my credit card!
Tx for the help!
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I got skipped . danm you lameboi..lol
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I would say amulet with min-max over attack speed.

Other then that, solid.

Just realized I logged out with my lacunis over my crafted bracers. My crafted have PUR, EHP, and solid damage. :(
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swap PUR on boots for RA
try and roll RA on gaunts
swap PUR on gaunts for armor

nice doc tho, really, most would say you are done with upgrades ;)
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Wow Neuron your gear is awesome!

I would suggest you try dropping one of the pickup radius pieces and see how it feels, I think if you are running bats then only one piece is necessary to make the GI/GF combo work. You could either get a +armour marrow, or trails with AR + armour, or double vit trails.

Also, in terms of your skill build, do you find the life-link dogs necessary? Your defenses look great already with 800 AR, 4.1k armour, and 71k life. It seems like they would just be keeping enemies out of your bats more than anything else. Some options you could try in its place would be:

Horrify - Frightening Aspect
Mass Confusion - Paranoia
Locust Swarm - Devouring Swarm OR Pestilence
I think Zombie Bears might even fit your build better than dogs.

Looks like Neuron got more than he bargained for...

JOEYCRACK: More paragon levels! Honestly I don't know what gear you would upgrade next...

Valsuvius: Picking up a chunk more vitality on your marrow might be the next step, you can get 250+ while still keeping the bonus armour roll
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Your WD look nice. Not sure what can you upgrade other than try to get 6 CC on helm and bracer. And get better rings.
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06/16/2013 11:31 AMPosted by nikt
Valsuvius: Picking up a chunk more vitality on your marrow might be the next step, you can get 250+ while still keeping the bonus armour roll

Was looking into that very option last night, seems the best place to get more vit without giving up much. I am also thnking I may be able to afford to lose the armor affix for % life. Torn on that one though.


work on zuni 4 pc and craft gloves and bracers
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@ val.

Nice WD. Your gloves are awesome. I guess you can try for a better zuni pox? your's is pretty solid though. Advice for my WD is welcome. thanks
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New to WD myself, been 60 less than 2 weeks, but ill give it my best.

From the looks of it you need better gems, and some more RA, other than that a slow upgradeing of a few items (Bracers, shoulder,gloves) to either BoA craftables or decent rares/ledgendaries.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Please and thank you. :)

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Bedlam, your WD, overall, is nice. I am not a fan of the Zombie bear build compared to the Firebat build, but to each his own. :)
As far as your gear, I am not a fan of Depth Diggers and prefer Blackthorne's a bit more. With your 4 piece set of Zuni's, I like to have the ring rather than the offhand, giving a bit more flexibility of what offhand you want to go with. This is just a preference and isn't needed at all, but overall it looks good.
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Kloverz, First of all nice +Armor bonus.
If I were you I would get rid of the Lacuni's and switch to rare crafted bracers to boost EHP, DPS and to move away from the increased attack speed. IMO 12% bonus move speed is enough to have on a WD when your are running Cloud of Bats on higher MP. I just switched away from inna's pants to rare pants myself, and although the lack of speed was annoying at first it was well worth the boost in EHP which let me get to the next Monster Power.
I would also look into getting average damage on your Zuni's pox aswell as crit chance, this will boost your DPS and these rings are quite affordable nowadays.
And lastly get vitality, life %, or Physical Resist on your Witching Hour as well as the 7 Pickup radius you have, that strength roll is kind of a waste of a random affix and good WHs are very affordable.
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@darkvoid: Seriously?... You have like... nothing to upgrade. Maybe similar pants with more armor. Or some vile wards with extra Vit. But definitively more armor somewhere. Best candidates: chest or pants, but it would be difficult to get the same amount of Vit. I am not a fan of Inna's pants or Lacunis in WDs, but since you have so much DPS it doesn't really matter. Oh, I just saw your boots, I would change them for some with extra armor or extra Vit instead of AllRes, you already have a lot of AllRes.
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Aim for 8% pdmg on the Zuni Boots. (and AR if you can afford it I cannot)
Nice Ammy but you can do better with a really lucky craft.
The SoJ is crippling your DPS, but obviously it depends on what you are doing. If you are running Ubers or Vota then leave it, otherwise you can find some decent Dual/trifectas on the AH that will easily replace it.

I can't afford any upgrades at this point. I've found nothing substantial for under 2B's but I'm still open to suggestions (call it a wish list).
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I would drop that life regen roll on your zuni boots and go for armor (armor zuni boots are a lot cheaper than all res ones).

Similarly, Zuni chest can get an armor roll (quite expensive -.-!!)

Alternatively, I would get PUR on boots (take out life regen)

Then go for a vit roll on your depth digger or a rare vit pants. Vit is your weakest point IMO.

Also, thanks to nikt, valsuvius and joeycrack for all the suggestion :)
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I would drop that life regen roll on your zuni boots and go for armor (armor zuni boots are a lot cheaper than all res ones).
That's a good idea I didn't think of thanks.
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@Neuron - Wow, that is an amazing DR. I guess you could craft better gloves by getting some AR on them. Really nice character. That's one that I aspire to be like....
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Since my WD is pretty damn bad, considering I can't afford amazing gear, I'm afraid I can't suggest better for you above me.

In any case, critique my budget WD :/
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