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upgrade the WD above you

@Ozymandias you should update your bracer, that would be easy with crafting.
REALLY cheap.
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I want to know what to upgrade next... i feel stuck
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Get a socket in your weapon, put a ruby, gain 30k dps.
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Ghost -

Get Crit Chance on the same type of helm
Get Crit Damage instead of AS on Litany ring
Get an MCK with an open socket instead of AS and put a CDamage gem in it, even though the black damage will be much lower (likely in the 900s).
Consider crafting awesome bracers and dropping some movement speed / the Lacunis
Pants are nice and interesting, but might consider much more VIT on them and drop 1 mitigation stat.

You want your bears to hit harder, not faster. This may also drop some of your mana issues to the point where you don't have to use Vision Quest.

Since you use GI, also consider using Honored Guest instead of the life gain as it'll be up so often on Spirit Walk.

Soul Harvest should probably also be Vengeful Spirit attack rune, which with a LS weapon, usually acts as a full heal.

Hex should be Jinx, it's overpowered, better than a crappy substitute health potion.

If you're having trouble surviving, consider Zombie Dogs with Life Link instead of the garg.

(What MP do you play on now?) Looking good, keep on trucking!
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Up gems, get more of a balance on all res vs armor, I would need to look at longer, but it seems that your res is low compared to your armor, and you will get a lot more bang for your buck on survival from all res at this point than any armor. And you could probably get better stat armor or not much more.
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For CoB I'm sure you have heard Thing ot Deep is pretty overkill PUR wise. If you haven't tried it, try one 7 PUR item and grab a serpent. You have some nice gear, one weakness I see is the low crit on the Tal Ammy, the life% is sure nice though.

For my reviwer, I always run in a group with a 0dogger so my ehp and mana are alittle more lax.
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Ontario -

Wow, pretty sick. You look basically maxed out! So, picking at hairs...

Amulet upgrade - keep crafting?! More CC.
Offhand - real nice, but it kills me that you're not using WoS. I imagine you do sometimes though, but always makes me cringe to see a wasted skill bonus.

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200k dps with a SOJ, very nice...maybe more CHD on your skorn or higher CHC on your helm, id still want more armor even in group IMO. But very sold gear for group with a 0dogger.
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Upgrading your gems, and take a look at a new Witching Hour. You should be able to add at least another 50 int for dirt cheap.


Avg Dmg on your Pox, And take a look at Unity for the other hand, unless you really need the red dmg, against elites?

Nice doc overall, both of you.
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@gun5181 wow umm I guess 12% walk speed lol?? Idk about you but I miss it!! Awesome doc sir.
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I'd say maybe the gloves so you can get rid of the wasted level req stat.

good looking doc for sure though.
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geez louise your gear is nice

if anything more vit on the trails or some vit on your WH

dat marrow and amulet too stronk
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BLS up the gems get a better neck the crit /crt/dmg is low. The rare ring can probably be easily upped as well.
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The first thing I would replace: Strongarm Bracers
Knockback, although it's a low %, isn't too CoB friendly.

After that, I'd try replacing these:

Tals Chest --> Zuni Chest (with +armor or +PUR, your choice)
Zuni OH --> Higher AVG dmg or Uhkranian Serpent
Zuni Vision --> Zuni Vision with CC (5%+)

You have great EHP, but raise the dps a little bit to be more effective in higher MP! Especially with 2.80% life steal. More DMG = More Survivability.
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v nice doc, as far as I can tell upgrades are gonna be tough and expensive from your point on. crafting i'd say bracers are your best bet. for items on ah, maybe tals ammy but they are crazy expensive atm. very nice and impresive doc.
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Holy cow.. nice gear & WD sir! Hard to tell where you can upgrade..

I would say the Vile Ward, or the SoJ.. but I'm no expert!
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Jealous in general of your Doc , Nothing jumps out at me in terms of upgrades. Unless you are trying to get perfect rolls.

This post prob isn't very useful to you , but upgrades for you are going to cost more gold than I would care to think about.

I am very very jealous. Great Setup.



Shoulders / belt jump out at me. Armor is pretty low imo you should try and get armor on any slot you can to try and get closer to 3500-4000.

* Could add armor on Pants / boots also
Edited by Buffmoonkins#1183 on 6/18/2013 4:15 PM PDT
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@ Buffmoonkins

I'd say some rings with 6% CC on em maybe about little more CD wherever you can pick it up. Nice WD overall I'd say.
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Nice well rounded doc.

You can craft better shoulders than your Vile Wards, but it's not easy; the same for your bracers. You can always get some AR on your boots and/or bracers but those are very expensive upgrades.
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