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Contest: Guess Wizard Cost [Ended]

Contest: Guess the total cost of my super budget 100K DPS wizard (including Scoundrel items)

Profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Wtflag-1258/hero/15011474

Buffs used:

1. Force Weapon
2. Spark Flint
3. Glass Cannon
4. Scoundrel Critical Chance buff
5. Pinpoint Barrier
6. 31 paragon

Prize: All items equipped on Wizard and Scoundrel.

End time: Ended

Results: http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa63/wtflag/BudgetArchonWizardCostResult.jpg

Contestant Estimate Difference
pillz 149,000 209,391
jammydodger 278,000 80,391
<RESULT> 358,391 0 <---result
soulfire 402,000 43,609 <---winner
dun 450,000 91,609
tastedeath 499,999 141,608
chaoswarlock 500,000 141,609
stever 600,000 241,609
madstrike 666,000 307,609
vishnu 725,000 366,609
cykikvisage 749,493 391,102
darshu 800,000 441,609
steelphantom 800,000 441,609
genesis 840,291 481,900
pettiblay 890,000 531,609
lardalot 943,000 584,609
yems 945,243 586,852
saber1251 1,002,387 643,996
emperor 1,100,000 741,609
haybaler 1,300,000 941,609
killvana 1,500,000 1,141,609
arcanetf 1,560,000 1,201,609
bothem 1,650,000 1,291,609
jellzroc 1,750,000 1,391,609
opetho 1,850,000 1,491,609
numenorean 2,500,000 2,141,609
pichapiegal 2,800,000 2,441,609
archmage 3,000,000 2,641,609
fapskyy 4,000,000 3,641,609
mrhappy 4,800,000 4,441,609
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I'll bid 800k, Bob.
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What's budget to you?

I just took my hibernating Wizard who had 1.0.0 garbage gear and 8k dps to 72k dps (no scoundrel) using only 100k gold. I hope you didn't spend millions for only 100k DPS. So my guess is 450k.
Edited by Dum#1510 on 11/9/2012 10:19 PM PST
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<1m for sure. Lets go with 600k
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I'm guessing 4 million.
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Notes updated to opening post.
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if i win give it to somebody else, but im gonna go 800k
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that's an easy less than 3 mil build. i'll throw down a 2.8 mil

come on lottery ticket!!!
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Wow, this almost makes me want to give up CM/WW and go archon. It's so much cheaper to buy gear when you don't care as much about attack speed.

I'll guess 943K
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i'll say 840,291 gold! :D
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945,243 gold!
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