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Info on PvP! 200M To Last Bumper Before Blue

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Haha glad we're on the same page, and I'm sure many others agree with us as well. I don't want this thread to die out, although it seems it already has. For those of you that haven't bumped this yet, if you don't care about the lack of a PvP system, at least bump it for your chance to win 200mil!
Nice post. Even just the simple option to dual would be awesome.
it has been too long without any information on this promised feature
cmon blu I need some cash!
Personally I think PvP is right around the corner, but I would really like to know more. BUMP
Even having the option to grind for gear with stats good for PVP until its released would be more fun than this paragon leveling.
Hellfire ring crafting and predecising warden/ubers runs...repetitive
Farming on A3 MP0...repetitive
I want a cunning enemy and some adavnced team mechanics to play part in my game now :/
11/17/2012 01:28 PMPosted by jvfroman

:) the game gets too repetitive and mind numbing Id like the challenge of a thinking enemy (other players in PVP) or at least some info about future PVP format to be able to grind for the gear for it (would feel like I have a goal in the game)
Pvp will be released in Xpac.. Its a joke not one blue post on any threads.. as you can see they don't care about this game anymore
we want pvp in the game we've been waiting for so long.
11/17/2012 03:10 PMPosted by Google

No thanks don't pay for blizzard games anymore
If PvP is Pay To Win like the current PvE system. NOBODY WILL CARE AND TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!!!!

PvP MUST have pvp earned gear, and not RMAH bought gear. But seeing as how Blizzard is just all about money now and willing to butcher their own franchise with RMAH. That will probably most likely not happen.

Please give us options, not limit us to 4v4 ZERG DEATHMATCH!!!

We want 1v1, 2v2, 3v3. Last man standing, CTF, etc..
I still want pvp..
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